Saturday, 7 October 2017

Saturday Spankings - TAKING CHARGE #SatSpanks #BDSM #romance

Oh, I'm excitable this week. My new spanking novel TAKING CHARGE has just hit the shelves. Set in Westminster, London and featuring a very unusual Dom and a high-powered heroine I adored writing it and am thrilled to share this excerpt with you.

Back Cover Information

Despite her success in the world of politics, Sheena Nichols has grown tired of spending her nights alone, and when her need for a man to take charge in the bedroom becomes too intense to ignore she seeks out a professional. But she gets much more than she bargained for...

While mastering Sheena properly is a challenge Julian Roath is more than happy to accept, he has no need for her money. When he claims her, it is purely for the pleasure of seeing her blush as she's made to kneel naked at his feet, hearing her beg as her bare bottom is soundly spanked, and feeling her writhe in ecstasy as he enjoys her body in any way he pleases.

Before she knows it, Sheena finds the strict control she's always maintained over her life slipping away as Julian shows her what it means to be thoroughly dominated. But is she truly prepared to surrender herself completely to a man who will not hesitate to take what he wants?


A thrill went through Sheena. She’d never taken orders like this—practically naked, and with lipstick scrawled on her chest. But she was happy to do it…for now.
He moved in behind her, also on his knees and butted his groin up against her ass.
She pulled in a sharp breath. There was hardness there. A thickness had lodged between her cheeks. It was over the material of her knickers but she could get a good sense of the size of him. And he was impressive.
“In this position,” he said. “I can take you from behind, you pussy or your ass.” He placed his palms on her buttocks and eased them apart. “Whichever hole I want to fuck.”
“Oh God.” She closed her eyes. Her ass, really?
“And I can spank you.”
She lost the sensation of his cock pressing up against her, but in its place his hand, gripping her butt cheek, the one he’d slapped.
“I can spank you until I’m sure you’ve learned whatever lesson I’m teaching you.” He paused. “Say yes, Sir.”
“Yes, Sir.”
He released her, suddenly, and stood. “Don’t move.”
She watched his feet as he walked past her, then followed him with her gaze as he went to where they’d eaten dinner.
He poured another glass of champagne and took a sip. With it in his hand he strolled to a low table and picked up a copy of the Evening News that sat there. With both the paper and the drink in his hands he walked past her into the bedroom area. He took a seat, leaned back and set the paper on his lap. Holding his drink by the long stem, he began to read.


  1. I think he has her complete and undivided attention!

  2. Wow. Julian is one cool dom. Very sexy.

  3. Given the state of his arousal, I don't think he's quite as nonchalant as he appears. Congratulations on your new release.