Sunday, 20 August 2017

#SexySnippets - CONFESSION #erotic #romance

I'm so excited to be here, this is my first time with Sexy Snippets. I hope you enjoy this little snippet from my newest release CONFESSION.

When Reverend Mark encounters a beautiful woman in his new congregation, he can’t begin to imagine what secrets and desires will be revealed when the church falls silent. Because Clara is no ordinary member of the flock, she’s temptation personified, sin wrapped up in pleasure, and living his Earthly life without her at his side isn’t something his heart or soul can contemplate.


He knew full well Corinthians stated sex outside of marriage was immoral, sinful, and should be condemned. But damn it, Mark was pretty sure sex, right now, with Clara would be wondrous, special, and deeply connecting.
As they walked, he was aware of himself hardening. He frowned and shoved his hands into his pockets again.
Sex with Clara right now was not going to happen. He was simply seeing her safely do her door, the way a good Christian man should.
“This is it,” she said, pausing at a flight of concrete stairs.
He glanced at the tall high rise. “I’ll come up with you.”

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  1. Welcome to Sexy Snippets, Lily! Love this snippet. It's on my TBR for sure.