Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Mid Week Tease - CONFESSION #MWTease #newrelease #erotic #romance

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. I'm celebrating as CONFESSION has just hit the shelves. Here's a few to tease you...

Back Cover Information

When Reverend Mark encounters a beautiful woman in his new congregation, he can’t begin to imagine what secrets and desires will be revealed when the church falls silent. Because Clara is no ordinary member of the flock, she’s temptation personified, sin wrapped up in pleasure, and living his Earthly life without her at his side isn’t something his heart or soul can contemplate.

He spread the strands of her hair out, watching his own movements as he did so. “Yes, that day is imprinted on my memory. Of course it happened before I made my commitments to God, our relations, and I’ve made my peace with the fact we were out of wedlock.”
“We were young, in love, experimenting the way all teens do.”
“In love.” His gaze lifted and connected with hers. “Yes, we were, very much so.”
She bit on her bottom lip. Could he love her again? Was there still a kernel of longing in his heart for her? They’d ended so brutally, like a Band-Aid being ripped from a wound that hadn’t healed, and for her at least, it still hadn’t healed. It was raw, and it ached in the very center of her soul.
He leaned forward a little, his attention now on her mouth.
Damn it, she wanted to kiss him, even if it meant going to hell. Surely burning for all eternity would be a small price to pay to have his lips on hers once more.
Does he want to kiss me?
Suddenly he straightened and looked in the direction they’d been walking. “We should…”
“Yes. Come on, this way.” She snatched in a breath and balled her hands into fists. She had to stay strong. Reverend Mark was off limits, no matter how tempting he was.


  1. I have a feeling he won't stay off limits for too long.

  2. Great tension building! Makes you long for what comes next.

  3. Heh, heh, heh. Yeah, boundaries are about to be pushed. Great teaser, Lily!

  4. Great teaser, really sets the scene

  5. Great tease, Lily. They won't be able to resist for long, will they?