Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mid Week Tease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. This week the first book in my popular 7 novel hockey series HOT ICE is reduced to 99c/99p. Here's a teaser from HIRED to whet your appetite for the bad, but oh, so good, Viper players.


Logan went for a run on the beach and left me with my bagel and coffee. Once he’d disappeared into the distance I looked at the article again. My attention was pulled to it. It was like having a big cake and being told not to eat it, irresistible even though you knew it would make you feel sick. 
“Vacationing in paradise, Viper player, Phoenix, looked the picture of happiness and contentment. Fergal Gunner is going to be glad he sent his best, not to mention most expensive forward away for the week, sun, sea and…sand being the perfect antidote for a player who’s lost his temper one time too many lately. 
“Great things will be expected now from him on Saturday against the New York Islanders, if he’s not getting a touch of every puck and a piece of every play then questions will be asked about his future in Orlando. Is he financially viable? One bad game doesn’t make a season, but any more altercations or visits to the sin bin and the bad boy of ice will be skating right out of the tunnel and right off the team.” 
I pulled in a deep breath. Bad boy of ice. Logan was bad all right, but in the best possible way. I looked at the picture again and a blush came to my cheeks. I wasn’t the sort of girl who indulged in shenanigans such as skinny-dipping. And I should have known it was never going to be without consequence, not with a hockey player, not with a big, sexy, dominant man who’d fallen under the spell of my curves. 
But the thought of us being watched last night, watched from the bushes by someone with a long lens and a night-vision camera, gave me a weird thrill at the same time as it made me hopping mad. It had turned into a sex exhibition for some money-hungry photographer, and now the whole country was reading about me and seeing my face at the pinnacle of pleasure. 
My blush receded. At least I didn’t really have to worry about any family seeing it, since I didn’t have any walking this earth and Giselle would no doubt think it a hoot. 
The heat on my cheeks returned at the thought of Max, my boss at The Grill, an avid NHL fan, reading this particular sports section. Seeing my face contorted with ecstasy and the big, black block over my breasts would probably cause him to choke on his morning bacon muffin and keel over dead. That would send my balance out of kilter for years. 
Sighing, I licked butter from my fingers and finished my coffee. I thought of Saturday, of having to face the crowds, the press and the other players now that I’d promised to go to the game. 


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  1. Great tease. Interesting predicament.

  2. Love this teaser and that book cover :-)

  3. I like how she's unsure about her reaction. Very fitting.

  4. Okay, she's taking this a hell of a lot better than I would! Wonderful tease, Lily!

  5. Good tease. I like romances involving hockey.