Saturday, 20 May 2017

Saturday Spankings - X-Rated on Sale

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. This week I have a super erotic book on sale. X-RATED is just 99c/99p (usual price $2.99). It's packed full of kink and sex as married couple Lucan and Polly rekindle their passion for each other.

Back Cover Information

When Polly is caught in a compromising position with a toy and a naughty video, she doesn't think her husband will ever go near her again. She feels twisted, nothing like the sweet wife he married. Little does she know, she's awakened a monster by prodding Lucan's beast and making him sit up and take notice.


But what about Lucan's needs? He's been so busy at work that things have gotten out of his grip to the point he can't even remember his fantasies.

During a weekend of passion and turmoil, heat and pleasure, they vow to never drift apart again. Neither can imagine just how far they'll go to please the other, or how well matched their particular variety of kinks are.

“Tell me everything, so I can make you fly,” he whispered. “All of your desires and fantasies.”
She stared at the screen, a fantasy was being played out right now. The male lead had spread the woman’s legs and was licking her clitoris, his fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.
“Don’t worry,” Lucan said, switching his attentions to her other breast. “I realize that hasn’t happened for a while and I have plans on remedying the situation.”
“Okay,” she said, her voice a little breathy.
Lucan pulled her closer still and they watched the movie in silence.
Polly could hardly believe how quickly it had all happened. She’d never thought that Lucan Hartgrove, executive account manager, would want to watch porn with her.
But she was damn glad he did.
The porn star was writhing in apparent ecstasy. One long orgasm seeming to claim her as her counterpart licked her pussy.
Lucan slid his hand lower, past her waist, her belly, and slipped his fingers over the top of her knickers. He touched her through the material, rubbing lightly, caressing her thighs, stroking her soft folds.
Her breathing picked up, so did her heart rate. Lust raged in her veins. “Lucan,” she whispered.
“Shh, I want to touch you, while we watch this.” He tucked his fingers beneath the elastic of her knickers.
She clenched her belly. She was getting wet, her pussy quivering.
Nibbling on her bottom lip, Polly stared at the screen. The oral sex had finished and now the woman was being bent double over a table. Her ass the main focus of the shot. She received a swift slap to her buttock. “I’m gonna fuck your ass now, Cassandra,” the man said with a heavy American accent. “You reckon you can take it?”
“Yes, yes, fuck my ass, fuck it now.” She pulled her ass cheeks apart to show off her pucker.
Lucan rubbed Polly’s clitoris, a steady circular stroke.
Polly groaned, twitched her legs and curled her toes.
“You feel so hot like this,” he murmured into her ear. “Hot and wet and needing it.”
“Yes, I need it.”
“Like that, what she’s getting?”