Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Life's a Beach Blog Hop

Welcome to the Life is a Beach Blog Hop hosted by The Kids Did It and Mommy Island.

I'm excited to share with you details of my sexy novel HER DOMINANT BILLIONAIRE, perfect for reading on the beach or around the pool.

For anyone who read Fifty Shades and got all hot and bothered at the thought of a kinky billionaire teaching the rules of BDSM then this is a book for you. It has a pile of 5* reviews and Kane Ward has hit the spot for many of  my readers.

Here is an excerpt taken from the third chapter when the couple have just arrived in New York.

“Your outfit for tonight should be in here.” Kane strode across the large bedroom and pulled open the door of a tall cupboard.
Imogen couldn’t see inside from where she was standing.
“Ah, yes, good, perfect in fact,” he said, shutting the door again with a click.
“I have an outfit, in there?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. “But I brought one to wear.”
“I’m sure you did. But I think this one will be very flattering and also it means you will blend in.”
“Blend in?”
He walked back over to her, came up close, so close she could have reached up and stroked her finger down his cheek.
“I don’t want us to stand out,” he said. “We need to be discreet so you can experience without distraction. Tonight it’s just looking, no touching.”
No touching?
“Oh, I see.” She didn’t really, only now she was itching to look at the outfit he’d bought her, but his eyes were like magnets, and when he set his whole attention on her, like he had now, she found it impossible to tear herself away.
“Just looking, no touching,” he repeated.
Imogen swallowed. Her right leg tingled—the spot where he’d caressed her in the car.
He suddenly stepped away and turned.
She stared at his broad shoulders and the way his black shirt tapered to the waistband of his jeans.
“Be ready,” he said, pulling the door closed behind him.
Silence enveloped her.
Imogen pursed her lips and blew out a long breath. Whenever Kane left a room it was as though an electric current had been switched off. His energy was extreme. He both fascinated and confused her. He turned her on to the point she felt combustion was a definite possibility and also made her want to put up a shield to protect herself from his power—the power he had over her. A control that seemed to be growing by the minute.
He’d bought her an outfit? What the hell was that all about?
She frowned at the cupboard. First he’d told her what to wear to the races. Admittedly, it had been perfect for the occasion. And now he’d given her something to wear to the club. She’d never let a man have any say in how she dressed before. That wasn’t the type of woman she was. Imogen made her own decisions, her own choices.
She kicked off her heels and sank her aching feet into the soft carpet. She went to the cupboard and pulled open the door.
Hanging in the shadows was a short black leather dress.
Imogen bit on her bottom lip. Okay. So she’d gone for a little black dress too, but this... She held the dress up to the window. The leather material was shiny, it had the thinnest shoulder straps and it was so short she knew it would barely cover her knickers once it was on. But what really caught her attention was the intricate corset detail that ran down the front. Tiny laces that appeared to hold the dress together, and each one threaded through bright red eyelets.
Her mouth dried.
She couldn’t wear this.
It was... tarty.
Yes, that was the word for it. Or was it? Because actually it was beyond tarty, it was kind of fetishy. Kinky.
Bloody hell.
She rubbed her fingers over her brow and continued to stare at it.
Kane Ward wanted her to wear this provocative, ultra-sexy dress tonight when they went out. And what’s more, he’d said it would mean she’d blend in. Yes, that had been his words. Blend in.
So everyone else would be wearing things like this?
This was no ordinary club.
But why did that surprise her? Kane was no ordinary man, and this was no ordinary business trip.
She knew that much already.
She walked to the huge window and held the dress up. The light caught on the super-smooth surface as she moved it left to right then slid her hand down the front. Despite being leather, it was wonderfully soft, the material almost paper-thin. It wouldn’t feel stiff on her body, she was sure. It would be more like a second skin.
She juddered out a breath.
Maybe she should just decline the trip to the club. Or perhaps insist on wearing the dress she’d brought. That was plain and neat, and although short in length, it at least made an attempt to reach her knees.
She walked around in a circle, worrying at her bottom lip and swinging the hanger from her finger.
What would Kane say if he came back and she wasn’t in this dress?
Tough. She couldn’t be told what to wear. She wouldn’t be told what to wear.
But something inside her didn’t want to disappoint him. He wanted to see her in this dress, the way he’d wanted to see her in something pretty when he’d taken her to the races. Plus, she’d loved his sexy satisfied smile when he’d seen her at the helipad.
Her heart was longing to see that smile again. She wanted to please him. Here. In New York. Where it felt like anything could happen. Even wearing this crazy little dress.
It wasn’t as if she didn’t have the figure for it and it certainly looked to be her size.
“I should wear it.” She nodded and placed it over the end of a chaise longue. “Yes. I’ll try it on, and if it’s okay, I’ll wear it.”
Feeling like she’d made some kind of decision and a celebration was called for, Imogen pulled the champagne from the ice bucket. She dug her nail into the foil around the bottle of Krug and popped the cork. It flew a few feet into the air, then rolled beneath the dressing table.
A slightly hysterical laugh bubbled up from her chest, but it caught in her throat as froth slipped over the rim. “Whoops.”
She reached for a flute and poured.
Who would have thought this time last week when she was number crunching and wading through tax returns that now she would be in the penthouse at The Four Seasons in New York, planning some kind of kinky night out with Kane Ward. Yes, she needed a drink.

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