Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. This week an excerpt from X-Rated, a super sexy, super kinky novella about a  married couple finding their mojo!

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When Polly is caught in a compromising position with a toy and a naughty video, she doesn't think her husband will ever go near her again. She feels twisted, nothing like the sweet wife he married. Little does she know, she's awakened a monster by prodding Lucan's beast and making him sit up and take notice.


But what about Lucan's needs? He's been so busy at work that things have gotten out of his grip to the point he can't even remember his fantasies.

During a weekend of passion and turmoil, heat and pleasure, they vow to never drift apart again. Neither can imagine just how far they'll go to please the other, or how well matched their particular variety of kinks are.

He flicked on the TV then attached a cable from the back to her laptop.
She sat, sipped her drink again, and watched as he used the remote control to scroll through the settings.
Finally, the screen went from blank to full picture. Polly’s stomach did a flip of excitement. It was her selection of porn movies. Now, if they wanted to, they could watch them on full screen in the comfort of their living room.
He threw her a smile. “What do you think?”
“It’ll be good in high definition, I suppose.”
He chuckled and set about unwinding the cable so the laptop reached the table.
When task completed he sat next to her on the edge of the sofa. “So what shall we watch?”
“I don’t know.” She finished her drink. Maybe she’d need another one before they watched their first porno together.
He must have sensed that because he topped up their glasses.
“How about the one you were watching yesterday?” he asked.
“If you want to.”
“No, Polly.” He cupped her cheek and studied her face. “I want to know what you want to watch.”
She swallowed. “Okay, yes, the one from yesterday.” It seemed as good a place as any to start. But damn…it was so graphic and in the middle of the day, could they…yes, of course they could.
“It’s this one, isn’t it?” Lucan asked, hovering the mouse over Butt Babes.
She nodded.
He smiled and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. “Relax, this is all good and besides, you’ve got me curious.”
“I have.” What did he mean by that?
“Let’s just say I’ve been on a bit of a porn drought for the last ten years or so, ever since I met you. I’m keen to see if anything has changed in the way they’re made.”
“I doubt it,” she giggled.
“We’ll see.” He hit play and the scene started from the beginning with the characters getting to know each other.
Lucan stood and turned off the piano music.
Polly watched him. He was tall and lean and always moved with grace, but today, now, there was an extra confidence to his swagger, as though he’d had an injection of self-assurance.
Sitting back down next to her, he took her glass and set it on the table. “Was it the first time you’d watched this one yesterday?”
She nodded. 
“And have you watched all of the others on your laptop?”
“Most of them.”
“While you were…”
“Using the vibrator.” She shook her head. “No, that’s quite new.”
“I’m sorry you had to get one.” He sat back, pulling her with him.
“No, don’t be, it’s not like that.”
He kissed the side of her head. “It’s okay. Perhaps we’ll use it together.”
She turned within the curve of his arm. “What do you mean?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know really. Perhaps I could use it on you, it might be nice not to be distracted as you orgasm. I can concentrate on watching you come, all of those little blissful noises you make, and your expressions.”
Her heart fluttered. Heat spread over her chest. “Lucan.”
He chuckled. “Oh dear, you do realize you’ve woken a monster.”

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