Saturday, 25 March 2017

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Weclome to MY SEXY SATURDAY, this week a snippet from my HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD a time travelling, sexy spanking story to heat your ereader. OUT NOW!

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While visiting the Yorkshire Dales, Elizabeth Moray decides to explore the historic home of Lord Radley Fairbank. She ignores a sign prohibiting entry, but her curiosity turns to shock when she steps through a door within the abandoned estate and is transported back to the Victorian era.

It quickly becomes apparent that in this version of the past, she is the governess for Lord Radley’s two young nephews. Seeing no obvious way back home, she decides to make the best of things, but she soon discovers that her employer believes in strict discipline for his staff.

It isn’t long before her stubbornness earns her a thorough, humiliating spanking, but in spite of her embarrassment the stern chastisement leaves her intensely aroused. As time passes she finds herself yearning more and more for Lord Radley to take her in his arms and claim her properly, but will he ever see her as anything more than a disobedient servant in need of correction?


Liz groaned. She was alone. And she was so turned on—her body alive with need. She stumbled toward the door and flicked the lock again. Her attention was then drawn to the window and she rushed over to it.
Her knees were weak so she rested her palm on the cool wall at the window’s side. The sill was low, thigh height, and she looked down at the neat gardens, uncaring that her skirt was still bunched at her waist.
There was no one there, just lawn, the empty maze, the still lake, and the trees in the distance.
Quickly, and needing release, she slipped her hand down the front of her knickers. She sought her clit and rubbed.
“What’s happening to me?” she moaned. She was in a new time and place. Giddy with want. Hot from a spanking. In lust with a man who was as lean with sentiment as he was generous with erotic pain.
She sped up the rotations on her clit and locked her knees. She was staring outside, but barely seeing anything other than a fuzz of green grass and blue sky as she swiftly brought herself nearer to climax.
The pressure was building, stacking up. She clenched her internal muscles and panted as she reached the last climb to release.
Suddenly Radley appeared on the lawn. He was striding past the lake, his paces long and his arms swinging. As usual he had his chin tilted upward.
“Radley,” she gasped, enjoying his name on her lips. “Oh, Lord Radley.”
She leaned harder against the wall and clenched her buttocks, the stinging sensation of his spanks spreading over them as her knickers dragged on her skin.
“Oh, God…” She came. A swift, hard orgasm that stole her breath.
At the moment of release, Radley stopped, turned and looked up at the schoolroom window.
He was a distance away, but she was sure he could see her; not only that, he would be able to see exactly what she was doing.