Saturday, 17 September 2016

Saturday Spankings with Lily Harlem #SatSpanks #erotic #paranormal #romance

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. This week a snippet from my paranormal novel BITE MARK.

I wanted to touch him everywhere at once too but didn’t know where to start. I settled for his buttocks. Like Aimery’s, his skin was as flawless as freshly glossed wood, and he too was cool, despite the heat of the fire and the blaze of our passion. 
I stabbed my tongue into his mouth. 
He gripped my right breast, squeezing until I squirmed with a mixture of want and pain. “Fuck, I can’t wait,” he gasped. “I need you now.” 
Suddenly I was flipped over to my stomach. Ryle tugged my arse high into the air and sent down a stinging slap on my right buttock. 
“Argh, fuck,” I cried, trying and failing to crawl from Ryle’s steely grip on my hips. “What are you doing?” 
“Go with it,” Aimery said, stooping, cupping my chin and tipping my face to his. “Let Ryle take you so high we have to stop you floating away.” 
Another stinging slap, this time on the opposite buttock. 
“Ouch! But—?” 
“Ah, yeah, all that beautiful blood is coming to the surface,” Ryle said. “You go pink so fast, Bea, it’s fucking gorgeous.” 
“Oh, but it hurts. You said you wouldn’t hurt me.” I tried again to escape but couldn’t. 
“It is good pain,” Aimery said, his lips pressed into the shell of my ear and his words full of earnestness. “Harness that heat and soon you will realize how incredible it will make you feel when mixed with everything else we have to offer.” 
I felt the air shift just before Ryle’s palm hit down again. “Argh.” I squeezed my eyes shut. 
“Don’t fight the pain, let it exist, let it make you fly,” Aimery murmured. “Trust us.” 

Back Cover Information

Life in London as a butcher girl was hard enough, but when my best friend Denny went missing it became miserable. Stumbling into the Worshipful Company of the Ancient Order while searching for him was like a breath of fresh air. Especially because sexy, sophisticated Aimery promised to help me. 

But Aimery’s friend Ryle wanted in on the action. My head was spinning, my body reacting to theirs whenever they were around. But I had questions: What was their obsession with my rare blood type? How did they always appear when I needed them? And how old were they? 

Learning the truth about my lovers brought new fears and delights. They could take me higher than I’d ever gone before, show me pleasures I’d never imagined and were prepared to kill to protect me. Being mortal had never been so much erotic fun—or so deliciously dangerous. 

Inside Scoop: This story ends on a cliffhanger—but don’t worry, Claw Mark will quench your thirst! 

*Please note, BITE MARK was previously published with different cover art*

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  1. Very hot snippet! And very intriguing premise :)

  2. Vampires can be so bossy, but they bring you to such heights of passion that you'll put up with it and more. Love the snippet, Lily.

  3. That moment of trust is such a big step in a relationship.

  4. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment. Much appreciated :)