Saturday, 3 September 2016

My Sexy Night Out ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS157

A very warm welcome to another My Sexy Saturday. This week we're talking about date night. I'm going to share a very special bit from my new book Mirror Music. This is a date with a difference. Although Jenny has gone to a rock concert, she's gone alone. The sexy singer (her ex) has lured her there and while every other woman in the crowd wants a piece of him, she's wondering if her heart will cope with opening up for him again.

Jenny, Oh Jenny
I’m still here, still waiting, still aching
No one else has ever compared
Oh, Jenny I’m here, still waiting, still aching
Still breaking my heart over youuuuuuuuu 
The final lines of Manic Machines’ latest number one hit swept through Wembley Stadium. As the last, tortured syllable drew to an end, a stitch tugged at my heart and tears pricked the backs of my eyes. For a bittersweet second all was silent as the massive crowd held their collective breaths, hypnotized by the raw emotion, the heartfelt lyrics and the haunting melody. 
Then the place erupted. Screams, cheers and wails of adoration blasted through the air in a sonic boom. The lead singer, Robbie Harding, hung his head over his microphone and shoved a hand around the nape of his neck, massaging it as though it ached.
I struggled to see him as hands and arms shot up in front of me—fingers outstretched, lighters aloft in an eerie salute to Jenny. 
Jenny who had, he’d just told his fans in very eloquent, very emotive words, broken his heart into a million little pieces, none of which he knew how to put back together. 
Four years ago Jenny did that to him. Four long years. But he doesn’t mention that in his lyrics. He sings as though it was only yesterday they screamed at each other and he accused her of cheating and lying. He sings as though it was only yesterday they slammed doors, broke promises and shattered dreams. 
How do I know it was four years ago?
Because he’s singing about me. 

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