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Special Guest - Kay Jaybee

Please welcome my good friend, fellow author and Brit Babe, Kay Jaybee to my blog today...

Let’s Enter ‘The New Room’
Kay Jaybee

Many thanks to Lily for letting me creak open the door to my New Room on her blog today.

I suggest you all wrap up warm if you feel brave enough to walk across the threshold with my “perfect submissive”, Miss Jess Sanders...


Miss Jess Sanders, resident submissive of the Fables Hotels adult entertainment floor, has been instructed to test out the new facility that her manageress, Mrs Peters, has designed for the sexual pleasure of her clients.

With a dungeon, Victorian study, medical bay, school room, and the daunting White Room already available for their guests, Jess can’t begin to imagine what lies behind the innocent looking door to the new room.

Under the supervision of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, and with the assistance of her colleagues, Lee and Sam, as Jess steps into the new room, she quickly discovers she is about to experience far more than she bargained freezing temperatures.
With the feeling that she’s acting in a play that everyone knows the script to but her, the Fables perfect submissive is challenged to the limit in Mrs Peters new room, and beyond...


When Xcite asked me to write a novella length finale to The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat and Knowing Her Place), I didn’t hesitate before saying yes. I’d been really sad to say goodbye to Jess, Miss Sarah, Sam, Mrs Peters, and the staff from the Fables Hotel special adult entertainment department. It was only after I’d agreed that I sat down (with my habitual black coffee to hand) and realised that I had never considered continuing the story before. Knowing Her Place had ended in a very definite way- where on earth could I take Jess next without being repetitive?

It took several cups of coffee, a bar of chocolate, and a chat with a few members of the Brit Babes Street Team before the plot fully formed itself in my head. Having taken on many travels before, I wanted her to stay at home, within the Fables Hotel- but I didn’t want to use any of the five rooms that I’d previously explored- the medical bay, the dungeon, the school room, the Victorian study and the mysterious White room. There was only one real solution- Mrs Peters, Jess’s manageress, would have to get the builders in. It was time for the Fables Hotel to have a brand new room.

As you’ll know if you’ve read any of the Perfect Submissive books, just an ordinary room would never be enough of a challenge for Jess. I had to give any space she entered an edge... in this case, a very chilly edge.

Here’s an extract! (I’d put a coat on before reading if I was you...)
Her instructions had been to go through the door, walk three paces forward, and then stand and wait inside the fifth floor’s latest facility.
Frost crusted over Jess’ shoulders, and the dampness of anticipation that gathered at her crotch prickled as it chilled against her surrounding’s winter-like caress. Her eyes stung as she blinked into the stark brightness of the space, but as Jess’ hands had been secured behind her back, she couldn’t wipe them to stop them watering.
As the submissive looked about her, she saw that not only could the discerning paying guest at the hotel enjoy the delights of a pseudo-school room, a Victorian study, a dungeon, a medical bay, and the intimidating White Room, they could now experience icy arousal in a fairy-tale style snow grotto.
The ceiling and walls had been studded with crystals and draped with shimmering chiffon fabric that took away the room’s rectangular proportions, making the space feel cavernous. Tiny silver fairylights sparkled like glitter, while genuine ice granules clung to every surface, including the fake snow that made a distinct crunch beneath Jess’ strappy silver heels.
Having been stripped of all her clothes by a silent Mrs Peters, prior to being thrust through the new room’s threshold, Jess had been surprised when she’d been allowed her to keep her shoes on.
Now she understood why. Only the heavy silver and green velvet robe that had been hung around her naked shoulders gave the submissive any level of protection against the all-invading cold.
If she’d had to stand on bare feet in the room, even after all her endurance training, Jess wouldn’t have lasted for more than a few minutes before she had frost bitten soles and toes.
Surveying her surroundings more thoroughly, Jess was just contemplating how easy it would be to hide instruments of sexual play and deprivation between the fake cavern walls and the real walls when she became aware of the sound of a faint hum.
The distinct brrring vibration of a refrigeration unit.
No wonder it was so cold; the room was a freezer.
A freezer that held nothing but two chairs, which had been placed in the very centre of the frost-crisped pseudo-cave.
One seat was more like a fairytale throne than a chair. Made of wrought iron and painted silver, its high back was decorated with intricate butterfly and flower shapes. Well padded with plush, silver satin cushions over the back and seat, Jess already knew it was far too comfortable to have been placed in the room for her to use.
The chair to the throne’s right was stark by comparison. Wooden and straight backed it had been painted a plan white, and held neither ornamentation nor cushions. That’s where I’ll have to sit, Jess thought, if I’m permitted to sit at all.
The crunch of snow being scraped behind her told Jess that someone had opened the door. She didn’t turn round to see who it as. She knew better than that.
A pair of hands came to her shoulders, but the heavy fabric of her cloak prevented Jess from being able to tell whose grip it was. Mrs Peters had told her this was to be the first staff training session in this room; therefore the hands had to belong to a member of the Fables staff. The tone of the breathing behind her, combined with the size of the handhold, informed Jess the newcomer was male. That meant it had to be either Master Lee Philips, the barman and occasional helper on the fifth floor, or Mr Sam Wheeler, Mrs Peters’ personal slave, business partner, and artist.
The hands didn’t move from their position on Jess’ shoulders as the whirr of the generator was abruptly drowned out by the activation of some ethereal music from a speaker hidden in the folds of the fake ceiling. The haunting Celtic lyrics drifted into Jess’ ears, adding to the eerie atmosphere and making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as the unknown person stepped closer to her back.
With each fresh second that passed, Jess had the uneasy feeling that she’d walked into the throne room of the Snow Queen – a wicked Snow Queen.
The masculine hands moved slowly. The confidence of touch that Jess had come to recognise from the men on the Fables staff was missing. As the palms slid down her arms, ducking beneath her cloak, the visitor took each of the submissive’s tethered wrists in his hands, and briskly marched Jess forward.
The submissive’s mind raced. Who is this man?

I hope that warmed you up a little bit!

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Thanks again for letting me come and play today Lily!

Happy reading,
Kay xx


Kay Jaybee was nominated as the Best Erotica Writer of 2013 and 2014 by the ETO.

Kay wrote the The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (Xcite, 2011-14), Making Him Wait, (Sweetmeats Press, 2012), The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), as well as the novellas, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man (2nd ed. 1001 NightsPress, 2013), Digging Deep (Xcite, 2013), A Sticky Situation, (Xcite, 2012), and The Circus, (Sweetmeats Press). She has also written the anthologies The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012 & 2008), The Best of Kay Jaybee (Xcite, 2012), Tied to the Kitchen Sink, Equipment, (All Romance, 2012), Yes Ma’am (Xcite e-books, 2011), Quick Kink One and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010). Kay has had over 100 short stories published by Cleis Press, Black Lace, Mammoth, Xcite, Penguin, Seal, and Sweetmeats Press.

Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at  

You can follow Kay on Twitter- kay_jaybee,

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