Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Snog

This week I have a special Sunday Snog treat - a freebie - Enchanted Submission is free from both Amazon and iTunes and to whet your appetite for this filthy little fairytale, here's a snog…

He swallowed hard and his Adam's apple bobbed beneath his roll neck. "Take it out," he said in a tight voice, raised his glass to his lips and took another deep swallow. "Now.‟
Her heart rate doubled in a second. Her lip licking had worked. She reached for the button of his flies and, as she fiddled, let the sides of her hand brush his penis through his trousers. He was so hard beneath the material, solid concrete, and thick, thicker than any cock she'd ever encountered. She suddenly felt impatient and her fingers fumbled, desperate to get him out, desperate to release the Beast's cock once and for all into her hungry possession.
She ran down the zipper, reached into the warm material and wrapped her fingers around his shaft as near to his balls as possible. She paused and gripped him so tight she could feel his powerful pulse beating in her palm. His body tensed and her own sex trembled. She savoured this moment of grasping him for the first time; of having some semblance of control over his barely harnessed power. 'Now, damn it,' he growled leaning forward, scooping up her mass of hair and laying it over his thighs like curtains until her face was practically hidden from view. 'And then suck on it until I tell you to stop.'
Rapunzel didn‟t need asking twice. She shoved at the material until his burning hot cock sprang out to meet her.
He was as huge as she'd suspected. His long, thick, quite beautiful dick was absolutely in proportion with the rest of his enormous body. But she'd definitely bitten off more than she could chew, literally, because not only would he never fit inside her pussy, she didn't think he'd fit in her mouth either.
Her neck yanked forward as he pulled at her collar snagging her face nearer to the tip of his engorged head. An impatient mutter rumbled from his chest and his shining glans twitched towards her lips. It was then she saw it; the gold ball ring that pierced the underside of his penis, just below the flare. It caught a glitter of light and winked at her as though both teasing and inviting. Her mouth watered; that was just so perfect, the icing on the cake, to feel that ball glide on her tongue, slide inside her pussy, would be a dream come true. A surge of determination rocked through her soul. She would manage to take him ... somehow. She would make this work; wherever he wanted to fuck her she would accommodate him. Of that fact she was resolute.
She poked out her tongue and let it swipe over his slit. Caught the tiny drip of dampness she found there and pulled in his flavour. She pressed it to her palate; masculine and musky, hot and spiced, a sumptuous combination to feed her hunger. She stuck the tip of her tongue back out, held his cock firm and tickled the gold ball piercing his foreskin. His hips jerked in the seat and she was aware of his thighs tensing around her body, squeezing her, holding her. She flicked the cool metal again and then captured it between her teeth and gently tugged. He groaned and the vibrations sent sparks of heated sensations to her breasts, her clit, and everywhere in between; she could't get enough of that metal twinned with flesh so intimately and his reaction to her attentions elicited a delicious tremor deep in her pussy.
She played for a few minutes holding the base of his cock firm, rolling and teasing the piercing then she opened her mouth wide and took in an inch of his hot, satin skin. A deeply expelled breath breezed over her hair and his big hand wrapped around her nape insistently pressing the collar against her neck. She sank further along his shaft, the corners of her mouth stretching to extreme as she went past the piercing and gorged on his chunky width. With her hand, she began to pump at the base in a long gliding movements working him up to her mouth and then pulling her curled fingers down as she treated his head to licks with the flat of her tongue.
She repeated this process over and over again absorbing the tiny trembles shivering through his body as she took him in deep and then teased him shallow.
People would guess what she was doing. Her head bobbing up and down in Beast's lap was a total giveaway. But with her hair hiding the action within the high arms of the bucket seat, she reckoned not many Basement guests would be interested in their semi-public sex show.
Except, of course, Cinderella.

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