Saturday, 12 July 2014

Great New Review for Scored

I'm thrilled, that at this stage of the World Cup my sexy soccer novel has come up with the goods and received a fantastic review…

"There are a zillion and one novelists out there and about three quarters of them write "erotic romance." I try to keep up by reading the "big names" and find myself nine times out of ten, setting the books aside in bored, frustrated disgust. I prefer characters to be well-rounded that is to say with more than one dimension to them emotionally speaking and so many that are popular right now might as well be cut right out of the same tired length of cardboard.

But not Nicky and Lewis. Lily Harlem has really scored big with this one for me for a lot of reasons not the least of which she brings an English football team to full, technicolor life with plenty of details to suit a fanatic like myself but that would also appeal to someone less enamored with the beautiful game.

I also prefer sex in books to feel like it's occurring naturally, not forced or stuck in to manipulate readers. The explicit scenes in Scored were not only gorgeously written but deliciously placed at the right time within the narrative. That, to me, is the difference between what I consider "erotic dime novels" that keep getting cranked out, rehashing the same stories with new names over and over again and something like SCORED which, while predictable by the end, was so satisfying I wanted it to end the way I predicted it."

A give Scored a 5-Brew Rating!

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