Saturday, 28 September 2013

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Greetings fans of Saturday Spankings! This week we're hopping forward to book 3 of the Sexy as Hell Trilogy, The Vixen. All three BDSM novels are at a bargain price for a few weeks only so if floggers, cat-o-ninetails and personalised branding paddles are your thing, go grab your copies right now!

“Amanda!” Victor shouted, back arching, head lolling. “Fucking hell. Amanda.”
I stopped immediately at his safe word, dropping the cat and stepping up onto the stage, covering the back of his body with the front of mine. I grasped his cock and built up a fast up-and-down motion to take his focus from the pain flaring in his arse to the pleasure I was creating in his dick.
“Come for me,” I said. “Fucking come harder than you have before. Let it all melt away, every bit of this room. Go inside yourself and just imagine me and you like this, the only people on the planet, the only ones who matter. I’m going to make myself come at the same time as you, because, Victor, I’m so damn wet for you, so ready to go over the edge.”
“I know. I know…Come. Go on, come.”

Reviews are racing in for this seriously sexy series that pushes all the boundaries. Read reviews here.


  1. A bit of fem dom...interesting. Enjoyed your snippet.

  2. H-O-T! This is the first femdom story I've read. Very intense!

  3. Whew! Smoking...Loved this...very hot.

  4. I love Victor and Zara in book one and they sound like they're back at it again in book three. I'm intrigued to know what made Victor use the safe word. ~smirks~
    Delightful tease, Lily!

  5. Love the situation reversed like this. Very well done.

  6. Is his safeword "fucking hell"? Or was it just before this? Either way I love it!

  7. Nice. I do like the femdom stories.

  8. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting, I love reading your thoughts.

    Normandie, Victor's safe word is Amanda which is Zara's middle name, Hard to get all the information across in 8 lines :-)

    The femdom scenes were interesting to write in the Sexy as Hell Trilogy but they're not all femdom, there's a lot of switching and role reversal going on right the way through the books, sometimes it's planned, other times it's not...

  9. wow! hot! I love her dialogue!