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Sunday Snog - Sex on the Beach

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This week's naughty kiss comes from Xcite anthology Cocktales - Sex on the Beach and my story is a raunchy bit of fun titled Hound Dogging Around.

Sam is on holiday in Florida with her brother's family. On a day out at a water park she finds herself posing with her young nephews for a photograph with a big doggy character, who, much to her annoyance, has rather roaming hands! After struggling to find a connection on her mobile phone she comes across the character in question in a dark, secluded cave tucked away in a remote part of the park...

"Damn." I clicked the phone shut. All that way up in the heat and mum and I had hardly shared two sentences.
"Hey, Auntie Sam," A deep, American voice to my left grabbed my attention.
Bongo, or rather half of Bongo was slouched on a bench blowing silver-blue smoke into the air. His costume was rolled down to his waist and his long, yellow arms with enormous, groping paws sat on the floor immobile. Bongo's unblinking head lay sideways on the bench still smiling its stupid, plastic smile.
"Oh it's you," I huffed.
"It's staff only in here you know."
"Maybe I came looking for an apology." I placed a hand on my hip. "Or to register a complaint."
"I don't know what you're talking about." His eyes flashed with a decidedly wicked glint and his blond brows lifted.
"Mmm, I think you do." My voice mellowed as I clocked what a cute face he had; perfect golden skin over strong features but with dimples threatening to dip into his cheeks. He had a small soul patch just under his wide bottom lip and it twitched as his face cracked into a grin.
"Yeah, well sorry, but I couldn't resist, you have such a nice er... ass." He dragged on his cigarette; it crackled red at the end.
My skin tingled under his scrutiny. I felt ridiculously exposed standing before him in my teeny bikini; not least because Bongo was actually pretty damn hot.
"You want one?" He held up a box of Marlborough. "As a way of an apology."
I studied the red and white box and snagged my bottom lip with my teeth. I shouldn't. I'd gone the whole holiday without one. I was on the road to kicking the habit.
"Go on then," I said.
He tapped one to the end of the box. I took it, held it to my lips and leant forward as he scraped a lighter to life.
As I sucked the sharp smoke onto my tongue I spotted his cheeky eyes drifting to my breasts hanging in my bikini top. To be fair after two weeks of wear the material was starting to gape so he couldn't really be blamed for looking at what was on full show.
"Thanks," I said straightening.
"You here alone with your nephews?" he asked shoving a hand through sun-kissed hair. It was several inches too long but fell back into place like thick, neat feathers.
"No, my brother and his wife as well." I let my gaze trawl his torso. He had wide, solid shoulders with a nest of dark blond hair in the centre of his chest. In his right nipple, laying horizontal, was a small silver bar keeping the nub of his areola permanently hard.
"Did that hurt?" I asked, indicating it with my cigarette.
"No worse than getting an ear done." He shrugged.
The cigarette was making my pulse flutter and my head giddy. "Do you mind if I sit?"
"Be my guest, I've still got some break left." He shifted Bongo's head and I sat heavily on the bench.
"I'm Lee by the way."
"And I prefer Sam to Auntie Sam, as a general rule."
"Nice to meet you, Sam."
As we shook I studied his fingers, they were square nailed with a haze of pale hair sweeping from his tendon rich forearms to his knuckles. He had on a chunky black sports watch and a pewter coloured thumb ring.
We chatted for ten minutes, he asked me about my holiday, I asked him about his job. Just killing time till college, he said. I told him about the twins and then he brought up the dreaded subject: my lack of boyfriend.
"That's personal," I said, stubbing out a second cigarette under my flip flop.
"But I can't understand it."
"What's not to understand, the men I choose are generally pricks."
"But you're ... enchanting." He swept a hand through the air in front of me as if presenting me to an audience. "You should have someone walking on broken glass to please you."
"Now you're just being Bongo." I stood from the bench and went to walk away. Lee jumped up and blocked me. "Hey."
"Don't go," he said in a suddenly authoritative voice. 
"Why not?"
"I don't want you to."
His handsome face hovered before me and I wondered what it would be like to kiss him. His mouth looked so soft and sensual and his skin glowed like honey. I swept my tongue over my bottom lip and breathed in his scent, man and heat tinged with smoke and spice; it surrounded me, held me like a cloak.
"Can I show you my idea of magic?" he murmured stepping closer.
I backed against the wall. It was cool and lumpy against my bare skin and I spread my palms out behind my buttocks.
"What do you mean?" I asked. My breath hitched at the sexy, suggestive undercurrents in his voice.
"Disney entertainment for hot aunts who've spent their holiday thinking of others." His moss green eyes flashed with an intoxicating mixture of recklessness and fun and I couldn't pull away from their magnetic connection. He reached up and slid his hand around my neck. Cupped the base of my skull and whispered onto my lips, "Have some fun ... with me ... now."
I swallowed tightly and then gave a small nod.
The next thing I knew his lips were caressing my mouth, soft and gentle. The tip of his tongue poked past my teeth and our tongues tangled in hot, tobacco wetness. A whimper escaped my throat, this was even better than I'd been imagining.
He pressed forward. His crisp chest hair and the cool hardness of his piercing connected just above my flattened breasts. The downy fur of his Bongo costume tickled my bare legs and I sensed a growing hardness above my hip; his dick was buried deep in his canine costume but I still got a good idea of its impressive length.
His lips left my mouth and trailed down my neck. "Jeez, you taste good," he murmured. "Coconut and ice- cream and vanilla." He stooped lower sending butterflies tickling over my chest as his soul patch scraped my skin.
I slid my hands over his hard shoulders. What was I doing with this sexy stranger?
His searching fingers pulled aside my bikini top and his hot mouth suctioned onto my hard, needy nipple. I didn't care that I barely knew him. All I could think of was my breasts aching with a sudden rush of blood and the dragging sense of longing growing between my legs. It had been so long and my poor neglected body felt ready to fly under his unexpected attentions.
I buckled my knees as he used his hands to cup the underside of my breasts and feed me into his mouth. He suckled then withdrew, flicking his tongue over my tight points, coaxing them harder still and treating each tit with equal reverence.
I tangled my fingers in his hair and let out a sigh as he sank to his knees and curled big determined fingers over the elastic of my bikini bottoms.
"But what if ...?" I asked, glancing at the arched entrance to our den.
"Shh." He rolled the scrap of material down to my knees and nudged my thighs apart. "No one comes in here." His hot breath breezed onto the trimmed line of my black pubic hair. "Open up, I want to taste you ... here."
The thought that we could get caught at any moment made it all the more exciting, all the more urgent. I shuffled my feet apart to give him better access. Let my thighs relax but braced every other fibre of my body as his fingers and tongue worked together, breezing lightly over my outer lips, stroking and searching and then delving deeper, hunting out my clit and seeking my now thoroughly wet entrance.
I groaned and pressed against the wall as he pushed two thick fingers inside me. He hooked them forward and began to stroke my G-spot, then captured my erect clit in a deep suck and rotated his tongue within the suction.
The sensations were overwhelmingly delicious. I sank onto him, impaling myself on his expert fingers. He shoved a hand on my hip bone to keep me still and added a third finger, stretching delicate tissue as he began thrusting faster and harder, fucking me with his hand.
"Oh, God," I gasped as the first tug of an orgasm sent a bolt of delight to my core. He was applying the perfect rhythm and pressure to my buzzing clit and the flat of his tongue was capturing all my needy, starving flesh. Stars shot before my eyes, I snagged in my breath preparing to be consumed by a climax. It had all happened so fast, like a tsunami racing at my body.
"Shit," he said, his fingers slipping from me and his mouth releasing my clit.
"What ... is it?" My breaths were so hard and fast I could barely get the words out. I'd been about to explode on his face.
He fumbled with his watch. "I've got a damn kids party at the café." He jumped up, shrugged into his Bongo sleeves and snagged up a zip at the front of his costume. "I'm sorry, I've gotta go."
"But ..." I'd been so close. In fact I was still hovering, one more second, the tickle of a feather, and I would have come.
"Really, I'm so sorry." He wiped at my moisture sparkling on his chin and reached for his big head. "Catch you later, yeah." He rammed the head on.
The Bongo masked grinned as though my intense sexual frustration was something to be mocked and then Lee bolted from our hideaway.
I watched his big fluffy back disappear. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't had an orgasm at the hands of anyone other than myself in months.
I dragged my bikini bottoms up and tucked my tits away. Should I quickly finish myself off? No, that wasn't how this was should end. No way!

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed that snippet. Sam is one determined girl and that is by no means the end of the story. Bongo doesn't know what he's started!

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