Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not Her Type by Kay Jaybee

Erotic Adventures with a Delivery Man- Inspired by Couriers...Delivered by Kay Jaybee

Many thanks to Lily for allowing me to gatecrash her site today with a bit of a taster from my e-novella, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures with a Delivery Man. 


When Jenny’s regular film courier, John, reveals how she has become the center of his sexual dream world, Jenny’s quiet existence is thrown into an arena of desire that she thought she’d long since abandoned.  

One unexpected, head swimming romp later, and Jenny is left wondering if her courier will ever visit her again, and if he does, will he mention the hot sex they had on her living room floor that Tuesday afternoon, or will he pretend that it hadn’t happened?

When the following Tuesday arrives and John reappears on Jenny’s doorstep, the scene is set for a continuation of intensely kinky weekly meetings. There is only one problem. John really really isn’t Jenny’s type...

Kay Jaybee

For the past twelve years I’ve had a part time admin job working from home. Part of my working day involves the arrangement of the delivery and collection of a variety of items from A to B. It seemed natural therefore, when the ultra hot website, asked me to write a novella for their brand new e-print publishing venture, the OCPress, that I should make use of the myriad of kinky (and often rather optimistic) tales my delivery boys have shared with me over the years- whether I wanted to hear them or not!! 

Let’s face it- these guys spend a lot of time alone. When I asked one of them one day a few years ago what he thought about all day as he jumped from house to house, he replied instantly, without pausing to think, “Parcels, the Road, and sex- not necessarily in that order.”  That particular individual then became a constant source of ‘ideas’- for which I am very grateful, and many of which have featured in the chapters of NHT and my short stories, such as Cardboard (Sex at Work, Xcite) and Searching for Her (Sweet Love, Cleis Press).

Most of the delivery guys that knock upon my door have the ability to charm the devil himself, and so I got to thinking- what would happen if one of these jack-the-lads developed a crush on one of his quieter customers? A customer who has a far more interesting past than he could possibly imagine...


“What the hell am I doing? I’m a good girl; I just don’t do things like this.”

A tiny fraction of Jenny’s conscience screamed at her. The remainder of her brain sent her hands on a thorough exploration of the densely haired chest that had unexpectedly appeared from beneath her companion’s polo-shirt. The fact that Jenny had never liked men with hairy chests seemed irrelevant.

Standing in front of her, diving a hand under Jenny’s top, John squeezed her left nipple hard, wonderfully hard, making her squeal with pain-tingling gratification. Removing her shirt at top speed, John freed her breasts from their confinement.

Moving as if on auto-pilot, Jenny’s fingers visited his trousers’ waistband, but in her haste she couldn’t get his belt undone. Rescuing her from her embarrassment with a smile, John mumbled something about it always being difficult to open and undid it himself. Jenny barely heard him as a neat pair of gray boxers appeared, swiftly followed by—Oh My God—the most beautiful dick she had seen in years, perhaps ever. 

As she knelt before him, the voice in Jenny’s head continued its rant, reminding her that she hated giving blowjobs. Since her first experience as a college student, she had neither liked the taste of cock, nor the sensation of being gagged. Now however, working on instincts she never knew she had, Jenny took John deep within her throat. She felt his fingers drag urgently through her knotty, brown hair, raking her scalp as she greedily worked him around her mouth. 

“Hell girl, have you any idea how often I’ve dreamt of you doing this?” John confessed. “Night after night I wank about you, about you holding me in your throat like this.” 

Jenny was consumed with a perverse pride as she listened to John’s words—making her wonder if she should admit to the stolen moments she’d spent alone with a silver vibrator and her own filthy imaginings. Imaginings contrary to her normal fantasies; fantasies that often featured him...

* * * * *

From this unexpected beginning, Jenny and John realise many of their sexual fantasies at approximately 1pm every Tuesday afternoon. Each encounter is more erotic and daring than the next, as John begins to understand exactly how far from Jenny’s usual type he is - for a start, he’s a man...

I must give a huge thanks to Lily for inviting me here today- and to my fleet of boys, be they wears of red and black, brown, green, or blue uniforms- you know who you are - and I am very grateful for those ever inventive minds of yours!

For more information about Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man,  visit my website

Thanks so much Kay for stopping by and sharing Not Her Type with us. I have to confess this was a one sitting read for me. I absolutely LOVED it!!

Lily x


  1. I'll never be able to look the delivery man in the face again! Thanks for sharing Kay & Lily.

  2. Hi Kristal -thanks for dropping in! And BIG thanks to you Lily for letting me feature today xx