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Sunday Snog

It's that time of week again....

This snog is from The Unwholesome Adventure of Harita a short novel in Total-E-Bound's Bollywood line.


No one knows it is I, Kamini Singh who writes The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita.

The weekly column in Ichchha Magazine has been my secret for many years and penning Harita’s wild sexual experiences has been a wonderful release for my frustrated emotions as I’ve waited for my parents to find me a suitable husband.

Now they have – the delectable Damon, and I can barely contain my excitement as our wedding, and wedding night, approaches. Handing myself over to him body and soul is going to be such a treat.

So imagine my delighted surprise when my new husband asks for even more than I ever dared hope? And imagine my shock when I realised that Damon had secrets of his own which could please me, satisfy me, and take me on ecstatic journeys which got more and more daring with each adventure Harita enjoyed.

Reader Advisory: This book contains ménage and dominance/submission.

* * * * * 

The excerpt is taken from the first chapter - just after Kamini and Damon's marriage ceremony, as you will be able to tell, things get pretty heated between them...

I turned as Damon stepped into the kitchen. Finally, we were alone together. Alone as man and wife in our new home.
Tum Sada mere sapno mein rahti ho,” he said, stepping up close and taking my hands in his.
“And you have been in my dreams, too,” I said, looking down at his thumbs as he traced the intricate henna pattern spread over my palms. “From the very first moment, I knew we were right together.”
He lifted my right hand to his cheek, spread out my fingers and pressed my palm over his lightly stubbled flesh. “You let me sit down first,” he said. “During the ceremony.”
Absorbing the heat and sweetly sharp texture of his skin, I nodded and wondered if he were now going to ask me about the love balls.
He didn’t. Instead, “You conceded to me being the boss of our relationship very easily. I had anticipated a more modern approach.” He grinned. “A scuffle for equality.”
“I am your bride, your wife, I will do as you ask. Obey the same way my mother, my grandmother and her mother before that have.”
“Oh, Siyàra,” he said, the endearment as sweet as sugar to my ears. “In this marriage I wish us to discuss our lives as two adults joined together in a team. You have a college degree, a job, you are respected and your opinions sought after. If I were a man who had no regard for your input, it would make me very foolish indeed.” He turned his head and pressed a kiss to my palm. “And I would hate to be considered foolish, most of all by you.”
It was the first time his lips had touched my body. Like an electric shock, the current of pleasure shot up my arm, across my shoulder and settled in my breasts.
“Then that is how it will be,” I managed, though my throat was tight and my mouth dry. Nerves were simmering in my belly, clamping my pussy, but desire burnt hotter. Desire for my husband was the overwhelming emotion.
“We will plan together when to start a family, how many children we would like, how many hours you wish to work. I intend to be a thoroughly modern husband to you, Siyàra, and give you the control over your life every woman should have.”
“And for that I’m very grateful.” A spark of hope grew that I would be able to tell Damon about Harita. Perhaps he would prove modern enough to understand that his wife had a character in her head who liked to flow onto the screen and entertain thousands, hundreds of thousands, every week with her saucy shenanigans. I hoped so, because one thing was for certain—I couldn’t give up Harita. But, equally, I wasn’t sure how well I would be able to keep her a secret. I’d created quite a dilemma for myself and had absolutely no one to turn to for advice.
“But there is one thing.” His face became deadly serious, and a muscle flexed in his jaw.
“Go on,” I said, worried as to the cause of the creases ploughing across his forehead.
“There is something about me you should know.”
I gulped. What if he wanted a marriage in name alone, for appearance sake, and was not interested in consummating until the decision to have children had been made? What if the love balls were in place of his cock?
He dropped my hand and rubbed his fingers to his temple as though soothing an ache. “I...I hope I do not shock you, but there is one thing I am going to ask of you. One thing I have to ask regardless of whether or not your answer is yes. It is not something we could have discussed before the wedding, but I hope with all my heart you will find understanding and consider the possibility of what I am about to say...of what I am about to ask.”
“I’m not sure I know what you mean. Understand what?”
He turned and faced the drawn curtains. I studied his wide shoulders and broad back. The white material of his kafni stretched between his scapulas and hung down past his bum, skimming the base of his lean thighs, just above his knees.
“Damon,” I said, anxiety welling in me. What on earth could he need to ask that had him so on edge? Did he know about Harita? No, impossible. “Damon, please, just tell me? Is it about the gift—?”
“Kamini,” he interrupted, “I am a kind man, I go out of my way to help others and I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone physically or emotionally, I would never even step on an ant.”
“But of course, Damon. I know your gentle nature from my parents.”
He turned, and his gaze snared mine. “Kamini, what I am trying to say is I want us equal in all aspects of our lives except for one.”
I hesitated. “Go on.”
He pulled in a deep breath, as though summoning courage. “When we step into the bedroom, I want you to obey me without question.”
My knees weakened, and I hitched in a breath. His words sent a thousand scenarios through my brain. I might be a virgin, but I was incredibly well read.
He stepped closer, his eyes sparkling and his words coming fast, almost tripping over themselves. “I want you to trust me, hand over your body and your pleasure entirely to me. Believe that I will make you happy and keep you satisfied.”
“But of course I will trust you, we are married.”
He shook his head, and a lock of his dark hair fell forwards. “What I am asking for is so much more than that. Perhaps I should have waited before I brought up the subject of domination, but part of me finds it so sexy, such a turn-on, that to think it could be like that for us right from the first time... It is the most exciting thing I can think of.”
Suddenly my pussy tightened like a clamp, and my panties became so wet I felt sure my juice would actually run down my leg. Domination scenes were my very favourite to dream up when it came to Harita. I adored her being ordered about, forced to surrender to Madan’s desires and allowing him to take her whenever and wherever he wanted. Sometimes I had her tied up and spanked until she came. On other occasions she would be teased until she begged for release. Yes, domination and submission was an obsession when it came to my writing. It was the basis for my characters’ relationship, and now, here on my wedding night, my new husband was suggesting that very thing. “I...I don’t know what to say.”
“Well, you haven’t refused, so I am guessing that’s a good thing.” He smiled, almost shyly .
“Damon.” I reached for his hand, feeling bold in the move to touch him first. “I, as you said, am a modern girl. I wish to please you, and I also have an idea of what will please me, even though tonight will be my first time.”
He inclined his head in acknowledgement of my final statement.
I went on, “If you want me to obey you in our marital bed, then that’s what will happen, and I have a feeling I will like it. Very much.”
“Siyàra,” he said. His anxious eyes had softened. “Your eagerness to obey me is sweet, but do you truly understand what I’m asking of you?”
I nodded and pressed up close to him. “Yes, I understand the word obey very well.” His hard pectoral muscles pressed just above my breasts, and his sweet breath breezed over my face. “I understand that I will obey without question when you order me into position and do what you want with my body.” I lowered my voice and was surprised by how husky and deep it came out. “I will obey even when you tie me up and tease me, spank my bottom and order me not to find release until you give me permission. I will also obey when you order me to put your manhood in my mouth, suck it until you can take no more and your sticky seed floods my throat. Then, if you order me to swallow, I will swallow, every...last...drop.”
His eyes widened, and his jaw clenched. “You have no idea what those dirty words coming out of your sweet mouth have just done to me.” His voice was strained and breathless.
I grinned and slipped a hand into the small of his back, tightening our bodies together. “I think I do,” I whispered, delighting in the hard evidence of his arousal butting into my stomach.
He groaned and lowered his head, his lips a hair’s breadth from mine.
“I think, Damon, as our parents said, we are indeed a match made in heaven.” I grinned wickedly. “Though they probably never took this into account.” Initiating our first kiss, I touched my lips to his, softly and sweetly, understanding that beneath Damon’s smooth, civilised veneer there was a raw and primitive passion waiting to be unleashed. And I wanted it, I wanted it all. Now.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this build up to the rest of the novella. If it has wet your appetite here are the buy links.

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  1. Very sexy excerpt that has me wanting to read more. Thanks for being a part of Blissemas!

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  2. I've have this on my wishlist. I want it more after that excerpt! Thanks for being part of Blissemass!