Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Snog

Sunday Snog time again. This week another taster from DESSERT my latest release at Ellora's Cave. This novella is written for men - though of course the ladies will enjoy it too - and is told entirely from the hunky hero, John's, point of view.

“Would you like some chocolate?” I asked, giving in to my sweet tooth and rooting around in my rucksack.
“Mmm, please.” She licked her lips. “But perhaps, if we are to be equal, I should eat it off you.”
I paused and turned. The setting sun cast shadows on her smiling face, and the flickering flames of the fire created a gold-and-orange glow that caressed her hair. “You want to what...?”
“Eat it off you,” she said, reaching for the base of my t-shirt. “Lift.” She shuffled onto her knees and tugged at my top.
I stretched my arms up and allowed her to pull it over my head. The act of giving in to her sudden demand sent a rush of lust straight to my core.
“I’m going to make you my dessert,” she whispered. She ran her gaze over my chest and abs.
Instinctively I breathed in, just a little, to define the muscles in my stomach. “Again?” I asked, tucking a thick strand of her hair behind her ear. “Wasn’t that what happened last night?”
Her brows twitched. “Mmm, perhaps. Why, is that a problem?”
“No problem at all,” I said, quickly locating the chocolate and passing it to her.
“You should go in the tent,” she said, peeling back the foil wrapper on the chocolate bar. “That way I can do what I want and not worry about anyone seeing.”
Her erotic words, I can do what I want, and the suggestive glint in her eye hardened my cock. Fighting a grimace as my shaft jutted up against my underwear and pants, I quickly scooted into the small tent. I’d laid the sleeping bags out, side by side, and they created a soft-ish mattress.
Tida followed me in on her hands and knees. “And these shorts need to come off too,” she said, roaming her palms up my legs and settling over my cock. She gave a firm squeeze.
I sucked in a breath. She was determined and uninhibited. Janice had always let me initiate sex and then hours of foreplay were required. It seemed Tida was different—she knew what she wanted and was going to take it.
Who am I to complain?
The button and zipper on my pants were soon undone by Tida, and with a yank and a kick from me they were off. As were my boots and socks.
“Wait two minutes,” she said, ducking out of the tent again. “I just have to do something.”
I propped up on my elbows and watched over my dick, which was a center pole in my white Calvins, as she busied herself by the fire. There were a few clunks and the sound of the metal spoon on the pan. Stirring, scraping.
Just looking at her little figure made my balls tight, creating a pressure that sat low in the ridge between my arse and my testicles and caused me to clench my butt. I considered grabbing my shaft and giving it a few quick yanks to help with the buildup of blood. But I decided against it. If Tida’s performance was anything like last night’s, I needed all the stamina I could harness.
“Here we go,” she said, maneuvering back into the tent. She carried the small silver saucepan by the handle, the spoon sticking out of it.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“I’ve melted the chocolate.”
I raised my brows.
“Oh, don’t panic. It’s not boiling, just warm, body temperature.” She glanced at my boxers. “Why are they still on? That’s hardly fair, is it?”
“Guess not.” I shoved the boxers down and kicked them out of the way. My dick sprang upward, rod straight, the swollen head the deep mauve it always became when I was really hard.
Her gaze flashed as she stared at my cock. She darted out her tongue and licked her lips.
I clenched my fists at my sides. I’d done many things on camping expeditions, but this topped them all. Tida looking at my cock as if she was about to feast on it was off-the-scale adrenaline inducing.
“Mmm,” she said, upending my boot and balancing the saucepan on the deep tread rather than the nylon material of the sleeping bag. “Where to start?” She tugged on her bottom lip, filled the spoon with runny chocolate and held her cupped palm beneath it. Her gaze roamed for several seconds then settled on my chest. “Just here, I think.”
I sucked in a breath as she dripped the melted chocolate over my left nipple. It was warm, as she’d said, warm and tickling and caught stickily in the swirls of black hair that covered my chest.
A fat drop formed and started a downward trickle. She leaned forward, tongue out, and scooped it onto the tip. Then she placed her lips over my nipple and sucked gently. 

I hope you enjoyed that little sample of John enjoying Tida's attention. You can read another excerpt here and pick up a copy here.

Have a great Sunday.

Lily x


  1. can i say give me more give me more wo to hot and i bet he injoyed it

  2. Hee, hee - glad you liked my Sunday Snog :-)