Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - today's hot smooch is taken from Stockholm Surrender.

“I’m going to put connection alarms on your doors,” Phil said after Mum, Dad and I had bid good night outside our hotel rooms. “Usual routine. It will scream blue murder if the door opens and I’ll know to come check you out. So if you order room service or nip out to the bar,” he glanced at me, “then let me know on the cell first and I’ll come disconnect.”
“Good idea,” Dad said, shaking Phil’s hand. “But I don’t think you’ll hear a peep out of us, we’re exhausted.”
“Yes, absolutely shattered,” Mum said, stifling a yawn and heading into her room.
My heart sank. The alarm wasn’t usual routine but neither was it totally out of the ordinary. Phil had used these alarms on several occasions. It usually meant he was totally knackered and it would take an earthquake to wake him. But why tonight of all nights? We were eight floors up. Ty had Spider-Man abilities but even he couldn’t scale eight stories. There was no way I would get him into my room tonight and hell, the man had some debts to settle.
I went in, shut and locked the door, then heard Phil fiddle for several seconds on the other side before walking away. Irritation swarmed over me. If that door opened it wouldn’t be just Phil appearing. Hotel security would no doubt be on full alert too and come racing to the rescue.
I glanced at the huge queen-sized bed. It was draped in a beautifully embroidered cream-and-gold eiderdown and stacked high with pillows. The brass slatted headboard was against a wall painted the color of sapphires and the tall bedside lampshades reminded me of emeralds. It was a fantastic room. Spacious and lavish, with a separate seating and dressing area. It would have been perfect for entertaining company—hot, male company.
Sighing, I kicked off my shoes, threw my purse on the bed and wandered to the window. I wasn’t even tired after my afternoon sleep. My body clock was all over the place.
The thick gold-weaved curtains were drawn and I pulled the left one back to stare out at the rain-splattered Bangkok skyline. I needed something to distract me from my fractious state.
“Don’t scream.”
I registered sparkling blue eyes a split second before hungry lips hit down on mine. Oh my god, Ty!
I grabbed the front of his t-shirt as his arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. His kiss was intense and frantic. I stared at his closed eyes and long lashes and rejoiced in the heady wave of excitement, relief and lust spiraling through my system.
Ty was already in my room.
“Oh Penny. I can’t believe what you’ve done,” he whispered breathlessly, sliding his hands up my spine and cupping the back of my skull. “You really got your father to Thailand, a meeting set up and a new lawyer.”
“Yes, of course.” I felt as if I would burst with joy. Ty was here. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”
“How did you get in my room?” I asked breathlessly.
He kissed my cheek, trailed his warm, soft mouth to my ear. “I just told a cleaner my girlfriend was downstairs in the bar and had the key to our room in her handbag.” He gave a naughty smirk. “She let me in.”
“So much for Phil’s security.”
“Dad’s bodyguard.”
Ty pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Shit, there was no one else with you at dinner.”
“He was sitting a few tables away.” The look of panic on Ty’s face tugged at my heartstrings and I touched his cheek.
“Where is he now?” he asked.
“Next door. It’s okay.”
Ty glanced at the wall behind the bed. “You expecting to see him again tonight?”
I stroked down to his jawline and grinned. “Absolutely not.”
Ty drew the curtain shut, hiding us from the world and gave a sexy grin. “Good. Then you’ll have no objections to me giving you what you’re owed.”
In one swift movement, he hoisted me upward and began kissing me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist. My dress slid up my thighs as my ankles crossed in the small of his back. This was what I’d been dreaming about, what I’d been crying out for. I could hardly believe it was really happening.
“I’m gonna settle every one of my debts,” he murmured between kisses, stepping toward the dressing table just behind me.
“Too right you are,” I whispered, pulling his t-shirt from the waistband of his jeans. His smell, his taste, the heat pouring from him was driving me wild. There was something about Ty that was drug-like to me. My hormones went crazy whenever he was near and my body cried out for his. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before with any of my previous boyfriends—although who the hell was I kidding? Ty was hardly a boyfriend. He was a crazy, kidnapping adrenaline junkie who I craved with every fiber of my being.
He backed me against the wall to the left of the dresser. It was cool on my bare shoulders but I hardly noticed. I was too intent on getting to Ty’s flesh. Yanking and tugging, I dragged off his t-shirt. Smoothed my hands over the wide planes of his shoulders, whimpering in appreciation at the acres of perfect, tanned skin. I wrapped my hand around the vibrant dragon tattoo on his right biceps and hung on.
He palmed my breast through my thin dress. “I love your outfit. You looked so damn sexy in the restaurant I nearly followed you into the restroom and fucked you there.”
“Seriously?” I threaded my fingertips into his hair and held him tight.
“Yes, seriously, and I’ve been so damn hard ever since.” He slipped his fingers down the neckline of my dress and found my nipple. Tweaked and twisted it to a hard point.
“So do something about it,” I managed. “But tell me now if you can’t finish what you’re about to start, because I don’t think I can take what you did to me last time. Make me crazy with lust, just about to come and then leave. That was just plain cruel.”
“I’m so sorry, baby.” He treated my other nipple to the same luscious attention. “But it worked, you’re here, and now I can do what I really wanted to do that night in your bedroom.” He glanced at the door.
I pressed my fingertips to his cheek and turned his head back to mine. “No one is coming in. It’s locked and bolted.”
He swallowed and pulled his brows low. “Sure?”
I nodded.
“Then lord help us, Penny, ‘cause I am going to fuck you so hard and so good you’ll not only forget your damn name you’ll forget what fucking planet you live on.”


  1. I'm reading that one right now! :)

  2. Cool that SS is your current read, Michelle :-)

  3. It killed me to finally make myself close it and go to bed last night. It will be driving me crazy all day at work today wanting to get back to it. In fact, I stopped right after this chapter.

  4. A very high compliment indeed, Michelle. :-)


    Lily x