Thursday, 28 June 2012

Naughty Nights Press Blog Hop

Hello and welcome, I'm thrilled to be part of the Naughty Nights Blog Hop and huge congratulations on their first anniversary :-)

I am going to chat about my latest Ellora's Cave release which is Stockholm Surrender, a seriously steamy tale of kidnap and lust, forbidden love and a battle against the odds.

Since I am going through a very visual stage (check out my Pinterest boards which prove my obsession) I thought I would share a few pictures with you that inspired my novel. But first here is the blurb...

By popular reader request, the full-length story of what happens after Stockholm Seduction.

My soul was in turmoil. Ty Winters had not only kidnapped me in Oz, my heartstoppingly gorgeous surfer had also stoked my darkest desires, bringing all my fantasies to the surface. So Oxford wasn’t going well. Until, that is, he creeped from the shadows—desperate, sexy, dangerous and wanting a piece of me, literally!

He teased me with a taste of his carnal skills, leaving me burning with frustration then forced to stand by as he fought for his beliefs using my lust-addled body as his most powerful weapon.

Oh, my kidnapper knew just how to get what he wanted, giving me just what I needed, while hiding our relationship from the British foreign minister and police. Because sometimes two people are meant to be, even in the most unconventional circumstances and twisted situations. We could fight the world, but we couldn’t fight our passion.

* * * * *

Tell me which is your favourite image and I will pick someone at random and send them a copy of Stockholm Surrender on 2nd of July. Don't forget to leave your email addy in the body of the comment!

In the beginning...

White lace.

Bangkok - a surprise in the restaurant!

Ropes and silk ties - something Ty is particularly fond of.

Cuffs - not of the fluffy pink variety.

Edinburgh, a safe haven.

Kind of how I imagine Ty to look - cocky, gorgeous, adrenaline-junkie.

How lucky can a girl get when two best mates are happy to share?

A good James likeness - before his ordeal...

...and after.

When dreams and reality blur!

Who can blame Penny for not being able to concentrate on her studies at Oxford?

Dragon tattoo - Ty

Sharing new experiences.

Not the best instrument for cutting hair.

Penny Tipping - British Foreign Minister's daughter.

Ty's biggest fear.

Some dresses are made for taking off!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, it was fun finding them as was writing this raunchy novel.

You can read the prologue, Stockholm Seduction, for FREE by clicking below...

And the entire first chapter of Stockholm Surrender Here.

Happy reading and have fun blog hopping :-)


  1. I can't wait to read this book.Thanks for the giveaway.
    As for my favorite picture..hmmm..I like quite a few of them..i like the handcuff one.And I like the Vampire Diaries pic,the mates share one.And the last one.Oh and the after't pick one :)

  2. The story sounds fabulous Lily. I liked the white lace, dress, and James after ordeal. Thanks for the giveaway. I want to read this book. lol, :)

  3. Hard choice. I love best mates sharing and the dragon tattoo. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Wow!
    I love the picture of James after his ordeal.
    Thanks for being part of the hop, for the freebie, and for the chance to win.


  5. All the pics are beautiful but the white lace is sensual.

  6. Nice pictures! I have a couple favorites. I like the White lace, two best mates are happy to share, Some dresses are made for taking off and Sharing new experiences is pretty hot! Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for the hop and the chance to win! :)

  7. They are all beautiful pictures, but my favorite is The Vampire Diaries (two best mates).


  8. Loving the pictures! They definitely paint a picture of something I'd want to read. ;-) emily joy drake at gmail dot com

  9. My fav pics are white lace, the dress sharing new experiences, there I narrowed it down to three! Lol...super hot!

  10. This book sounds fantastic! I loved the pics! I have 2 favorites actually...Sharing new experiences and Ty's biggest fear.
    Thank you for the chance to read it. :)
    trb0917 at

  11. Thanks for the HOT pics and fantastic first chapter! Stockholm Seduction sounds like a great read!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  12. wow! The book sounds amazing... and the pictures are just what the doctor ordered ;) thank you so much for sharing!!

  13. Those were some awesome pictures, I'm sure we had as much fun looking at them as you did picking and/or finding them ;)


  14. I loved this book so much and my review is finally up! Loved the pics! (No need to enter me in the giveaway.)

    Michelle V

  15. Thanks for all the comment and congrats to BookAttict who has a copy of Stockholm Surrender winging its way to her right now :-)