Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stockholm Surrender - first chapter

My latest Ellora's Cave release, Stockholm Surrender, is now featuring on D Renne Bagby's blog. Here you can read the entire first chapter for FREE and that is after you have had the prologue Stockholm Seduction for FREE too.

There's a lot of this book available for you to wet your appetite and see if Ty's determination to get Penny exactly where he wants her is your type of reading!

Click on the cover below to download Stockholm Seduction for FREE

And on this picture to be transported to the first chapter of Stockholm Surrender and find out if Ty keeps his promise!

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Oh, and I spotted my first review for this book yesterday on Goodreads. Phew, 5*, I couldn't have asked for better...

I couldn’t devour this story quickly enough. Then I read it again, more slowly, and savored every word. I am probably going to read it a third time. It is one hot lusty temptation of a novel. But it is more than just a sexy story. The characters touched me deeply. Her Mom, her Dad, James, the security guards, everyone just come to life. It is like watching a movie unfold. Ty is sexy, dangerous, sweet, tender all at once. The blurb is correct. Penny is one lucky girl. It’s very erotic, yes, but it is also touchingly romantic in a natural way. I felt every moment, every heartbeat of their attraction and growing affection. And the ending was perfect. I LOVED it!

You can read all about my inspiration for Stockholm Surrender over at K D Graces' blog.

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