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Cornish Cream by Steve Geoffreys

Prepare yourself for an erotic roller-coaster of a read from the very first chapter in the novel Cornish Cream by Steve Geoffreys. In the story a lottery winning couple, Jeff and Sarah Stevenson rent a cottage in Cornwall, England for their first anniversary and to act out their own top ten sex fantasies on each other. But, when they arrive back home in London after their debauched week away a nasty surprise drops through their letterbox. The owner of the cottage, Lord Smedley has sent them a rather large bill that will rock their perfect world if they don't pay up. It opens a can of worms and during the drama that ensues, surprises and revelations surface that bring on a final twist.

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Jeff’s thumbs teased at the cork of the bottle of Tattinger Champagne. Sarah sat at the dining table with her fingers in her ears. The cork popped and narrowly missed the crystal chandelier, bounced off the high ceiling of their Georgian townhouse, and landed near to one of their original Tiffany table lamps. Sarah squealed in delight as the millions of bubbles ejaculated over the bottle’s neck and down Jeff’s hands. 
‘Happy anniversary darling.’ Grinned Jeff as he filled two Champagne flutes and placed the bottle back into the solid silver ice bucket. 
‘Yes, our first anniversary. What present have you got for me? You do know that it has got to be paper for a first anniversary present don’t you?’ Sarah asked as Jeff handed her the glass. 
‘It is paper yes, but you will need to down that glass and remain sitting down when I give it to you.’ Jeff smirked one of his knowing smiles. Sarah frowned her usual way that she did when he said something to confuse, bewilder, or intrigue her. 
‘Oh my god, it’s not a divorce petition for me to sign is it? Just because you won all that money, you want to trade me in for a much younger model don’t you?’ She asked before gulping down half the glass. Jeff laughed loudly. 
‘Don’t be ridiculous. I would not trade you in for all the money in the world. You’re one in a million.’ 
‘One in eight million eight hundred thousand four hundred and sixty nine pounds don’t you mean?’ Sarah added. 
‘Not forgetting the fifty seven pence let alone the interest that is accruing on a daily basis!’ Jeff chipped in. Sarah emptied her glass and Jeff went to top it up again. 
‘Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me are you?’ Jeff just winked and poured away.
‘Anyway, I have just emptied my glass so where is my present?’ She asked with a hiccup. 
Jeff opened a drawer on the dining table where the solid silver cutlery was kept and handed a gift wrapped parcel to Sarah. She took it and felt it in a mock curiosity. 
‘Mmmh let me guess, is it a book. Is it that new romance novel I mentioned a couple of weeks ago?’ 
‘Why don’t you open it and find out.’ Jeff told her as he topped her glass up then his own. Sarah opened it to reveal an expensive leather bound journal. 
‘The first page is, well,… compelling reading.’ Jeff nodded reassuringly before taking a copious sip of Champagne. Sarah opened the cover and her eyes widened, closely followed by her jaw dropping. 
‘Jeff’s top ten fantasies that he would like to do with Sarah!’ She blurted out on reading the first line at the top of the page. Jeff grinned widely as he watched her slowly read down the list and blush. 
‘Phew, hot stuff! Not sure about numbers five seven and nine though. Think that I would have to be feeling very naughty to do those, or very drunk. Or maybe both very drunk and very naughty. There is one thing about your list that baffles me somewhat though?’ Sarah shrugged. 
‘Oh really, so what is that then?’ Jeff enquired, rubbing his jaw line. 
‘I am curious as to why you have not listed a threesome with me and another woman on your fantasy list?’ Pondered Sarah, eyes narrowing in an attempt to psyche Jeff out. 
‘That would be because I know how much you hate the thought of having sex with another woman as much as you hate the thought of me having sex with another man. And besides, the threesome thing may well be most men’s top fantasy, but most men cannot even satisfy one woman, so what the hell kind of chance of fulfillment is he going to have with two women?’ Jeff stated in the manner of a philosopher.
Sarah’s face cheeks were almost crimson with a mixture of the alcohol and the arousal that the fantasy list had conjured up in her mind. But it was burning brightest from the secrets that she was currently keeping from him. 
‘Since you so put it that way, yes. I can see why you left that one off your list.’ Sarah fanned her face with her hands in the manner of a TV reality star that assumed they were some sort of A-list celebrity diva. 
‘So, where is your present for me then? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our anniversary?’ 
‘It’s hidden upstairs actually, I’ve not had time to wrap it yet.’ Sarah told him as she stood up from the table. 
‘Sounds intriguing. Are you going to go and get it for me now then? Jeff enquired with raised eyebrows. 
‘Yes, wait there. Top your glass up.’ Sarah told him as she sauntered off to the stairs, her hips swaying in an overtly seductive way. Jeff watched her walk away knowing that Sarah knew he would be staring at her sexy bum. 
‘Stop staring at my bum and don’t get any ideas about following me upstairs, you will spoil the surprise.’ Sarah said half over her shoulder. 
‘I can’t wait for our week away in that cottage in Cornwall.’ Jeff enthused. 
‘So that you can do your naughty fantasy list?’ Sarah asked as she turned to go upstairs. 
‘The views are breathtaking down there, but so is your bum when you walk.’ Remarked Jeff. 
‘Flattery might get you everywhere. I’ll call you up when your present is wrapped and ready.’ Sarah sexily winked as she ascended the stairs. 
Jeff had a feeling that she was going to treat him to one of the fantasies off his list. Then doubt set in at the possibility of that unless she was a mind reader or had found the journal that Jeff had stashed in the wine cellar days earlier.

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