Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Snog - Shared Too

As promised this weeks Sunday Snog is from SHARED TOO, the sequel to SHARED.

Excerpt taken from near the beginning the book...

Feeling hot, I shrugged off my fleecy sweater and wiped my forearm over my brow. Straightening, I sensed the stable darkening as a long shadow stretched around my feet.
I turned and pressed a hand to my chest, startled by a second presence when I’d been lost in my thoughts.
Standing dead center in the doorway, filling half the space with his broad shoulders was Quinn, silhouetted by the setting sun that shone golden behind him like a full-body halo. He wore an expensive, tailor-made suit. His hands were shoved deep into his pockets and his short dark hair was highlighted around his ears and neck by the light. I couldn’t make out his expression.
“You made me jump,” I said. “The dogs didn’t bark.”
“I’m sorry about that.” His voice was deep and drawling—he still had an American twang even after all these years. “They didn’t look up from their bones.”
He stepped through a shard of light dancing with dust motes. I stared up at him as his face came into focus. He looked so brooding, black brows low, mouth set, and my heart somersaulted—I was anxious as to the outcome of his day.
“Well?” I asked. “How did it go?”
He swallowed and the sound was noisy in the quiet stillness.
“Quinn,” I said more firmly. “How did it go?”
In a sudden rush he stepped forward and grabbed me around the waist. Lifted me into the air and spun me a full three-sixty. “I got it. I damn well got the money, Ariane.”
“Oh, wow!” I put my hands on his shoulders and smiled down at his delighted face as he hoisted me higher still. “You did? Really?” I knew how much this meant to him.
“Yeah, really. Two million for the next six months with a potential further two if the research looks promising.” He pressed his lips to mine in a hard, excited kiss. “And it will, I know it will. Initial trials are right on track.” He set my feet on the floor but kept me pulled up against his body.
“I’m thrilled for you, Quinn.” I slid my hands up the smooth lapels of his silver-gray jacket. “I didn’t doubt you’d make a good case for the grant, but two million. It was asking a lot.”
“Yeah, I know, but think how much they’ll make if I can prove that ‘their’ immune suppressants work. They’ll be rolling in it.” He threaded his fingers into my hair and tipped my face to his. “Plus, and more importantly, I really think this is going to save lives.”
I smiled up at him. His black eyes sparkled with triumph. Or so I thought. Because then he bent his head and kissed me—hot, wet and thoroughly. I kissed him back, loving his dark-chocolate flavor and his spiced scent. There was something about the kiss that told me the sparkle in Quinn’s eyes had more to do with lust than pharmacology.
“The girls got to school okay?” he asked, pulling back just far enough to study my face.
“Yes, fine.”
“Good.” He was kissing me again, his hands sliding up and down my back, over my butt and thighs, sending tingles of sensation through my clothes and onto my skin. “No more having to be quiet and discreet then,” he said breathlessly as he kissed over my cheek and onto my neck.
“No.” I pushed my hands into his hair, messed it up and offered myself for his kiss. His chin, coated in short evening stubble, scratched my flesh in a wickedly tempting way. “No more having to be quiet, no more having to wait until nighttime and locking the door.” I leaned harder against his body. The steely length of his erection prodded my stomach.
He moaned and squeezed me all the tighter. “Let’s celebrate,” he murmured.
“What, the pledge or the fact we can have sex when and wherever we want to again?”
“Both.” Sneaking his hand up the inside of my t-shirt, he filled his palm with my breast—massaging and kneading, drawing my nipple to a stiff peak through the satin.
I whimpered in delight and shoved at his jacket. Celebratory sex sounded like a great idea. He released me for a split second and the expensive jacket slipped down his arms and landed on the dusty floor with a quiet whump.

I hope you enjoyed that sexy little extract - sorry to stop it just before it gets seriously hot!

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Have a wonderful weekend.

Lily x


  1. I want of one of him to show up in my doorway! Sunny halo optional ;)

    Good luck with the vote for Slap Shot, Lily!


  2. Wow, you never short change me when it comes to a sexy snog!

  3. Nice. Sizzling hot and great news too for the hero. Got to love a hero who wants to save lives.