Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Snog - The Actress

Hi everyone who has joined me from Victoria Bliss' website. This weeks Sunday Snog is taken from a short story called The Actress. I wrote this for the Coming Together Anthology last year, a charity book in which all proceeds go toward One who's aim is to end global poverty.

The book only costs a few cents/pence and by purchasing it you will be doing good while being bad!

Here is the blurb - 

Sapphire Makepeace has lived her red carpet life of champagne, caviar, and glittering Oscars to the fullest. But she's also used her celebrity to raise money for charity, one such endeavor included a daring expedition to the summit of Mount Everest in which the world feared her early demise when she became trapped by a furious storm.

It was this storm that resulted in the queen of cinema, Hollywood's angel, having a secret shared with only two men: Andy and Lee Driver, brothers, English, mountaineering adrenalin junkies.

Fifty four years later their names still roll around her tongue a hundred times a day, because an encounter that extreme, that intense is one that lasts an entire lifetime


Terror uncoiled within me, I looked past Lee's face at the billowing fabric of the tent only a foot away, another two feet beyond that was a deathly drop through the elements.
began to shake even more than I had when I was cold. Every nerve and muscle in my body jumped around like a bouncing bean.
"Hey, hey," Lee said. "Stop worrying. It's okay. We won't let anything happen to you." And then his lips were on mine. Pressing down firmly, dominantly, his tongue probing past my teeth and sweeping around the inside of my mouth.
I squeaked and pushed at his chest. "What are you doing?" I said. "Lee…"
"Taking your mind of it." He licked his bottom lip as though savouring my taste.
"I'm married," I said with a frown. "To Dean Mayer."
"Yeah, I know. Everyone on the planet knows. But he's not here to distract you from the terror of being on Everest in a storm, is he?"
"Or the discomfort of suffering from acute hypothermia," Andy added as he snuggled his face into my nape. The soft bristles of his soul patch scratched at my delicate skin. "Let us take your mind off it, Sapphire. I promise it'll help."
"No," I said. "I can't." Though the way Andy was making me melt with peppering little kisses towards my left ear seriously reduced the conviction in my words.
"But what if we all die up here," Lee said, running his fingers through the messy hair at my temples and staring down at me. "And this is the last thing we could do for pleasure and we don't take the opportunity?"
How the hell did he know playing with my hair always did it for me? "No," I whispered, though my body was disagreeing violently. I could feel my nipples hardening beneath the layers of clothes, jutting out eagerly for a harder connection with Lee's chest. Andy nestled further into my back, his demanding penis sending sparks of desire rushing through my veins and firing my nerve endings.
"You're even more beautiful in real life," Lee said in a gravely voice,  rubbing the pad of his thumb over my cheek bone. "I've admired you for years in films and magazines, but watching you climb in the mountains over the last week… well…" His eyes dropped to my mouth and his eyelids drooped. "I guess we're lucky guys to see Sapphire Makepeace at her most glorious."
I knew he was only trying to appeal to my vanity, the vanity every actress has by the bucketful, but it was working. He was winning me over, not least because I knew at that moment in time I looked hideous. Deathly pale skin blotched red to resemble squashed raspberries on a white sheet. Long blonde hair tangled and un-brushed. Not a scrap of makeup or jewelry, not even my wedding ring. My only concession to being a woman was the small bottle of spiced Paris perfume I treasured like gold and sneakily applied several times a day.
And then Lee was kissing me again, though this time I didn't stop him when his soft mouth parted my lips and began to move in a gentle dance. He tasted of man and sex. His golden bristles caught on my chin, and his tongue was hot and confident. I let out a small moan and splayed my hands over his chest as he cupped my face to his. He was right. We might all die up here; we had to take pleasure where we could.
My moan was like showing a red cloak to a bull. The temperature of his kisses heated up, his hands traveled down into the sleeping bag and searched out the base of my thermal top. Flesh finally connected with flesh, and his calloused palm slid up my perfectly flat belly and settled over the satin cup of my bra. I pressed in for more, all thoughts of Dean flying from my mind. Behind me, Andy's hand searched for the hook and eye fastening. He quickly found it and released me from my underwear. I felt dizzy with longing, overwhelmed with the urge to have these two men touching me all over, making me forget the perilous situation we were in.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks snog. Have a great day.

Lily x

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