Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mirror Music Review

This morning after my tea and toast I flicked on the computer to find a lovely You Gotta Read review for the second in my Mattress Music series.

This is a set of three short stories from Ellora's Cave which features rock band The Manic Machines. The first book - Mattress Music - won book of the week at Long and Short Reviews back in February and I love it when the other books are also well received. I have a particular thing for the guy on the cover of Mirror Music, he looks so rockstarish, no wonder she is clinging to him - I would, and having him naked in a room full of mirrors - YUM!!

Review -

Childhood sweethearts Jenny Calahan and Robbie Harding were once as close as two people in love can be, but misconceptions and jealously tore them apart. Now that Robbie has reached rock star status as the lead singer of Manic Machines, he's discovered what's really important in his life. He wants his Jenny back.

After years of avoiding Robbie and her broken heart, Jenny has reached her own goals. Night after night tickets and backstage passes appear along with a request from Robbie to attend his concert. She finally attends the concert and the two reminiscence and rekindle their relationship. Mirror Music is the second book in this series. Although the book length and story time-frame is short, Ms. Harlem keeps the scenario believable with vivid compelling characters. From the beginning you hope they get back together. There is plenty of heat (true to this author's style) but with an underlying sweetness that's often missing from erotic romance. Mirror Music is a lovely reunion of hearts and a story you've gotta read.


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