Saturday, 18 July 2020

Saturday Spankings - Her Dominant Billionaire

Welcome to another Saturday Spankings! This week some heavy anticipation from HER DOMINANT BILLIONAIRE! 

Kane Ward had been on her radar for a long time, and now that things were happening between them, she didn’t want to mess it up. She admired him, fancied him, loved spending time with him. Which meant it was worth a go. She had to step into his world and be fully committed to trying on his kink and giving it a shot.
“Yes.” She clapped. “No more questions, just do it.” She glanced at a clock above the fireplace. It was nearly four. “No time like the present.”
She hurried into the bedroom and pulled out the pretty basque she’d bought earlier in the day. Quickly, she stripped out of her jeans and t-shirt and put it on. She removed her knickers then slipped into the stockings and her high heels.
She paused at the mirror on her way out of the room. “Bloody hell.” She looked sexy and flushed. The basque was beautiful, her pussy hair the same dark shade as the material.
She spotted the collar on the dressing table and reached for it. She secured it around her neck, knowing he liked her to wear it.
After a hastily applied slick of bright red lipstick, she walked into the main room.
From the hallway she heard a ping. The elevator had been called down to reception. He was here.
She rushed to the piano and stretched herself over it, ass in the air. The wooden surface was cool against her skin as she rested her cheek on it and stared out at the rooftops.
God, what was she doing?
What if it wasn’t him?
What if he had company?
She lifted up. Glanced over at the bedroom door. Should she dart back inside? Fuck it. This was her plan. She could do this.
She tipped forward again, parted her legs. When he walked from the hall area into the main room, he’d see her buttocks facing him and waiting to be reddened. He’d see her pussy peeking out, ready to be fucked.
She swallowed; her mouth was dry and her heart tripping along. As she breathed, the warm air from her lungs fogged the surface of the piano.
A distant swoosh signaled that the elevator had arrived.
She strained to listen. Hoping to hell she wouldn’t hear voices.
She didn’t.
After a few seconds, the elevator doors shut and one set of footsteps walked into the room. She stayed utterly still.
He stopped.
She clenched her fists.
“Imogen,” he said, a question sitting in the way he’d spoken.
“I want you to spank me, flog me, do whatever it is you need to do.” She moved her hips from left to right.
“That’s a very tempting offer.”
She glanced over her shoulder and saw him shrug out of his suit jacket. He draped it over the sofa and took a step closer.
“I’m sorry if I didn’t hit the spot for you last night,” she said. “Do whatever you need to do to me now.”
“Why would you say that about last night?”
He walked right up to the piano, but instead of stopping behind her, as she’d expected him to, he sat at the stool in front of the keys and looked up at her.
“Because I know what you’re into and we didn’t do that. None of it.”
“I told you sometimes vanilla is the best flavor.”
“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Imogen. I needed nothing more than to make love to you the way I did last night.” He smiled and closed the case over the keys. “There was nothing lacking, nothing at all, so please don’t think that was the case.” He paused. “Unless there was something missing for you?”
“No, no, there wasn’t.” She shut her eyes. Damn it. She’d been stupid to offer her bare ass to him. He’d think she was mad or certainly naïve.
“I’m glad to hear it,” he said. He raised his right hand and undid the cuff. He then rolled it three times, very neatly, very precisely.
Imogen watched as he repeated the action with his left sleeve. When he’d done it, she started to stand straight.
“No,” he said, setting his gaze on her. “Stay like that.”
The tremble in her belly intensified, and she draped herself back over the piano.
“You just invited me to spank your pretty ass,” he said.
“Does the invitation still stand?”


  1. Excellent snippet! We should all have such courage.

  2. Love this! Her bravery over wanting to give him what she felt he wanted, as well as his reaction to her offer. I especially liked the way he reassured her. Some Doms are too insecure to admit vanilla has its place as well. I think I'd really like this guy. Wonderful snippet. I need to check this book out further.