Saturday, 14 March 2020

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #outlander #BDSM #historicalromance

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! This week a few from CLAIMED BY THE CLAN CHIEF, a must read for Outlander fans!

Over you go?
Isla replayed the words in her mind. Had she heard her husband right?
“What are you waiting for?” He tipped his head and studied her. “Every moment of delay will earn you extra spanks.”
“McTavish, sir, I...”
“Aye, I am sir to you, and husband and master, and as such I command that you place your delicate wee rump over my lap so I can discipline you for your reckless, dangerous behaviour.”
She trembled, her nakedness beneath the towel making her feel even more vulnerable. “You’ve just earned yourself an extra ten swats of my palm.”
“But I—”
“Isla, I won’t say it again. Present me with your bottom so I can teach you a lesson.” She stepped closer, trepidation wending through her veins.
“Drop the towel and bend over.” His jaw tightened as though his patience was running out. “This is for your own good, not mine.”
“But you—”
“Are you arguing with me?”
“No, sir.”
“So do it.” There was steel in his voice. She knew she had no choice but to obey. She was going over his lap for her first punishment as a Highlander’s wife.
As she released the towel, it breezed to the floor and pooled at her feet.
His gaze raked down her naked body, to her toes then back up to her face, pausing only briefly on her breasts and peaked nipples. He tapped his thigh, his lips tightened and his eyes narrowed. “I won’t issue my instruction again.”
Isla’s belly trembled and her face flushed as she stepped up to his side and stared at his wide lap. She could see a hint of his leg through the gap in his kilt. He didn’t wear his sporran.
Her gaze went to his arms, thick and bulging with muscles, tendons, and veins. She prayed he knew his own strength.
“Only what you can take,” he said as if reading her thoughts. “Though right now I’m inclined to give you more as you’re taking so long to show me your rear.”
“I’m sorry.” With a gulp she leaned forward, her breasts pressing onto his kilt and in turn his lap. Her wet hair hung forward, sliding past her neck and shoulders to touch her cheeks. She bent her knees a little.
“Higher, how can I spank you like that?” He lifted her body, and repositioned her with her head hanging so low her hair trailed on the floor.
“Oh!” Her belly was tight over his hard thigh and her ass now the highest point of her body. Only her toes could touch the floor. She gripped his leg and the chair leg for support.
“That’s more suitable.” He rubbed his hand over first her left buttock and then her right. “Much better.”
Blood rushed to her face, flaming her cheeks and making her scalp tingle. It was humiliating to be over his knee like this, as though she were a petulant child who’d been caught stealing apples from a neighbour. “Please, I really think—”
“Be quiet, you will take this, and you will learn from it.” He slapped down, hard, his flat palm landing squarely on her rump.
“Ouch!” She jerked forward and kicked her legs upward, her heels banging the backs of her thighs.
“Keep still, Isla, this will take us some time.”


  1. She is definately not looking forward to this! And I understand her feelings!

  2. Yikes! Not sure what she did to deserve this punishment, but he is serious about making sure she learns her lesson. Love the snippet, Lily.