Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Mid Week Tease -BREAKAWAYS

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. This week I'm super excited as BREAKAWAYS, the 5th book in my reverse harem series THE CHALLENGE, hits this shelves. This series is best read in order and can be enjoyed for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Multiple husbands, a group of kids, the Australian Outback...complicated much? Oh yeah!

When Olivia sets foot in Spain, her life becomes an explosion of the unexpected. With husbands, mother-in-laws and children thrown into the mix, she finds her head spinning - when her body isn't writhing in pleasure, that is.

But there is trouble in paradise, and she soon finds herself on the move again, but will it be to permanently put down roots with her men? Can she hold it together when the going gets tough? And will Australia be the ultimate challenge?

“Ah, fuck yes…” She wailed.
They broke apart. Harry dipped his head and covered her mouth with his. “Shh.” He chuckled. “You’ll have the others banging the door down.”
She was panting. Suddenly the sensations were too much. She pushed at Evan’s hand, moving him from her clit. She scooted up the bed, forcing the vibrator from her pussy.
“You okay?” Evan asked, a crease of concern forming between his eyebrows.
“Yes.” She was breathless and hot. “That was good, but it’s full-on. Phew.”
“Glad you enjoyed it.” He grinned, his brow softening.
“I did.” She flopped her head back onto the pillow. “Might need another shower.”
Evan laughed. “That’s not a problem.”
Harry abandoned the vibrator down near her thighs and reached for Evan’s chin. He cupped it in the palm of his hand. “Our wife gets off on watching us kiss.”
“Yeah, I know. Kinky little thing.” Evan closed his eyes and accepted the gentle but deep kiss Harry gave him.