Saturday, 29 July 2017

#SatSpanks Saturday Spankings - MILE HIGH KINK CLUB

Hello, welcome, so happy you're here! It's Saturday which means more awesome Saturday Spankings. This week a snippet from MILE HIGH KINK CLUB, a super sexy MM BDSM romance.

“So what does a bloke have to do then, to win you over?”
“Well being tall, dark and handsome is a good start.”
Rhodri grinned. “And do I tick that box?”
“You know damn well you do.”
He chuckled. “It’s nice to hear I have one tick so far.”
The waiter set down their drinks then walked away.
“What else?” Rhodri asked.
“To win me over?”
“I like a guy who isn’t afraid to take what he wants.” Darius half shrugged as though the comment had been no big deal. But it had been, there was no doubt about that.
An image of Darius handcuffed to a bed, naked, his cock at full mast, sprang into Rhodri’s mind. Rhodri would have so much fun, teasing him, making him beg for it. He’d put his cock in Darius’ mouth, up his arse. Spank him as he came, turn his pale skin a gorgeous shade of pink.
“Are we talking about taking what I want in life or in the bedroom?” Rhodri took a swig of his beer. He was enjoying their banter, especially how it had kicked off so quickly. A tingle of heat tapped down his spine. He wondered how far the warmth would spread.
“Both.” Darius swirled his wine in the glass then held it up, as though examining it. He took a sip and appeared to swill it around his mouth before swallowing.
Rhodri shifted on his seat. He’d be sporting an erection soon if he wasn’t careful.
“It takes a strong man to admit to his needs, his wants…his kinks,” Darius said.
“Kinks,” Rhodri repeated slowly. He’d known this was coming but it seemed his date was in a rush to get the cards on the table. Hell, they hadn’t even ordered yet.


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  1. Yeah, that is quick. Normally, those sort of discussions take place over dessert. Though, they appear to go well with wine, too. Intriguing snippet, Lily.