Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Blissemas - Spend Christmas in Space

A HUGE welcome to my Blissemas post, and thank you for stopping by. My first ever sci-fi, MASTER OF HER WORLD, has just hit the shelves and I'm thrilled to tell you it's a super-sexy, BDSM novel with heaps of hot spanking and a hero to...well... travel into space for! 

I never thought I'd write sci-fi, in fact my first introduction to it was RED DWARF, likely the least sexy programme going (though I did have a thing for Cat). But there we go, never say never.

Over the years Mr H has made me watch various sci-fi movies and I've always wandered off mid-film and found something else to do. The 'other worlds' didn't hold my attention. However, that all changed dramatically when I started creating my own world. With heroes and heroines who had different challenges to the ones we face on Earth my imagination ran riot.

I decided Roun, a planet full of alpha males who have a tendency to spank, should resemble the Grand Canyon and their homes be isolated and functional but with beautiful views of the horizon and the three suns.

And I used this image as my inspiration for Gastion. Oh, yes, he can deliver a good spank and so much more.

Naturally Briella is very lucky to have been claimed by Gastion, he's firm but fair, and not only that, he's determined to ensure she gets pleasure from her three times daily medication - semen. Without this she cannot breathe the atmosphere on Roun, so it's essential to life.

What reviewers are saying...

"I was blown away by Lily Harlem’s foray into sci-fi erotica. I read Master of Her World in one sitting. It is one gloriously kinky read that is out of this world!"

"Sci-fi erotica may very well be my new fave genre."

 "This beauty comes courtesy of the Queen of Steam Lily Harlem, whose knack of writing the hottest sex scenes out continues in rip roaring fashion in this book."

"This read sizzles and I recommend it to fans of sci-fi erotica, erotic romance and bdsm themed reads alike."

So here it is, MASTER OF HER WORLD, and a big thank you for stopping by.

Back Cover Information

With her own world facing catastrophic environmental collapse, Briella’s only option is to seek refuge on the planet Roun, but the cost of her choice will be her freedom. Upon reaching her new home, she is met by Gastion, the stern, handsome man to whom she now belongs, and he wastes no time in making his expectations clear. Briella will obey him in all things and make her beautiful body available to him in every way, or her bare bottom will pay the price.

Gastion quickly demonstrates that his warnings are not to be taken lightly, and when he discovers that Briella has smuggled prohibited contraband from her home planet she is punished thoroughly. But while he is more than ready to be strict with her, Gastion soon proves that a skillful master can bring his slave pleasure beyond anything she could have imagined, and Briella finds herself surrendering willingly even as he claims her in ever more shameful ways.

Their passion blossoms into romance, but there are strict rules governing interactions between masters and slaves, and it isn’t long before Gastion and Briella’s relationship attracts scrutiny from the governing authorities. Can their love survive the wrath of the planet’s powerful king?

Publisher’s Note: Master of Her World includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.