Saturday, 12 November 2016

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, my favourite day of the week! Carrying on from last week, here's a few from my D/s story AT HER HUSBAND'S COMMAND.

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In their cottage in the country, thirty-two-year-old submissive Melody and her dominant husband Ivor have the freedom to enjoy intimate gatherings with friends who share their particular interests. But when a new—and very beautiful—young woman makes her first appearance at one of their parties, Melody cannot help growing envious of the attention she receives.

As soon as Ivor learns of his wife’s reaction to this new woman’s presence, he makes it very clear to Melody that their bond is stronger than ever and there will never be room for anyone but her in his heart. But when she persists in letting her unfounded jealousy get the better of her, will Ivor follow through with his promise of a long, hard, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking?

Kyle turned the board over a few times, then appeared to test the weight of it. “Nice.” He nodded. “I like it.”
“I think you will,” Ivor said.
“Perhaps we should try it out,” Rupert said. “If that would be agreeable with everyone.” “I don’t see why not,” Ivor said.
Rupert turned to Lottie. “We want your arse.”
“Yes, Sir.” She had her hands in her lap and dropped her gaze to look at them. “Of course, Sir. Whatever you wish, Sir.”
“Bend over the table.” Rupert stood and held the back of her chair.
As Lottie got to her feet, he moved the chair to one side, well out of the way.
Melody watched on, excitement running through her at the prospect of seeing the board in action. It was however tinged with a little jealousy that she wasn’t going to be the guinea pig, and that Lottie had stolen the leading role.
Kyle also stood, wooden board still in his hand. “May I?”
“Of course,” Rupert said.
Kyle set his hand in the centre of Lottie’s back and pushed her so her body was flat on the table.
She folded her arms and pressed her brow to them, as though staring at the table’s surface. Rupert pulled up the base of her white dress, exposing the orbs of her buttocks. It seemed she, like all the subs in the room, had not been permitted to use underwear.
From where Melody sat she could see Lottie’s buttocks were already pink, the lingering heat of her earlier spanking still evident. She glanced at Ivor; he too was looking at Lottie’s delicate arse.
A fizz of jealousy went through her and she hoped she’d hidden it in her expression.
“She does exasperate me when she can’t decide what to wear for an evening out like this.” Rupert rubbed Lottie’s flushed skin. “So she was punished and I took the decision out of her hands and laid out this outfit.”
“A very wise course of action,” Ivor said, looking at Melody. A twitch of a smile tugged at his lips. “My sub also can’t decide what to wear on occasion so I, too, take the matter from her hands.”
Kyle gave the breadboard a practice swing.
“I think this will be a punishment my sub will enjoy,” Rupert said, eyeing the board. “And maybe next time there will be no need for a fuss about clothing or making us nearly late for our dinner engagement.”
“I can see why you’re thinking that way,” Kyle said, still swiping the board through the air.
“Yes. So feel free to try it on her whenever you’re ready.”



  1. I just twinged thinking about that board hitting my bottom. A great tease.

  2. I hope Lottie truly enjoys being put on display that way. Not my personal cup of tea, but sounds like Melody would like nothing more than to take Lottie's place. Intriguing snippet, Lily.