Monday, 7 November 2016

Masturbation Monday

It's another Monday, which means it's Masturbation Monday! This weeks prompt reminds me of a scene from SHARED TOO and is one of my few F/F moments.

She pulled back a fraction and murmured, “Ariane, you taste like heaven.” Then her mouth opened over mine and her tongue pushed in past my teeth. It was so new to feel her in me, touching me. Her flavor was divine, champagne and candy, girly and fresh. I wanted more and I slid my hands up her back and kissed her eagerly. Our chests pressed together, her neat, firm breasts landed above mine. Her fingers traveled into my hair, sending a new wave of sensation shivering down my spine. 
The kitchen door slammed shut.
We snapped apart as if electrocuted. “Liam,” I gasped, scooting away from Eve. 
He stood stock still and stared at me. The overhead lights reflected in the lenses of his spectacles, his arms hung at his sides and his mouth opened and closed without uttering a sound. 
“Liam, I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m so sorry.”
Oh god. I’d kissed Eve, passionately, my whole body had cried out for hers. He would go crazy. A tremble of fear replaced the tremble of desire in my core. I was about to see my chilled-out husband flip. Flip out spectacularly . 
But he didn’t. Liam stood for the longest of moments, his eyes drilling into me as a dense silence filled the room. Then the corners of his mouth tilted and he pushed his windblown hair away from his forehead. “Don’t mind me,” he said. “I’m not opposed to a little girl-on-girl action.” 
I swallowed down a lump the size of one of the pizza boxes. “You’re not?” I asked shakily. 
“Hell no, I’m a guy, girls together are sexy as hell.” His grin turned into a full- wattage beam. “And besides, life’s too short not to indulge in a little of what you fancy, baby.” 
I glanced at Eve, who’d leaned against the counter with her arms folded. She tilted her eyebrows at me in a so-what-are-we-waiting-for? kind of way. 
“Are you sure, Liam?” I asked, looking back at him. 
He shrugged and behind his spectacles his eyes narrowed. “I love you, Ariane, and you love me. If you want to explore a new part of your sexuality with Eve, go ahead. It’s just sex and I know you’ll come back to me, just like you knew Quinn would come back to you.” He shoved his hand into his jeans pocket and shifted his feet. “But if you are going to take it upstairs, then go into the spare room.” 
My mind spun. Take it upstairs? I guess that had been the next thing for Eve and me. We’d been pressing up against each other with hungry urgency. 
Suddenly my stomach fluttered all over again as I realized what Liam’s last words meant. He wanted to watch Eve and me on the secret camera. Naughty sparks of excitement pinged through my body at the thought of this new way to turn my men on. “Er, yes, okay,” I said, trying to keep my voice calm. “But can you tell Quinn where we are?” I looked at him meaningfully. 
Liam walked to the fridge, grabbed a beer and popped the top. “Yep, I’ll tell him. Just make sure it’s the spare room and not our bed.” He took a slug from the bottle and strolled out of the kitchen.
I turned to Eve. She tugged on her bottom lip as her mouth stretched into a smile. “Understanding guy you’ve got there,” she said, uncrossing her arms. 
“Yes.” The desire in me was swelling again. Eve was beautiful, standing there radiating feminine sexiness. The air around her was charged. It was flowing toward me in waves and I understood what Quinn had been so drawn to, so hypnotized by. 
“So do you want to explore a new part of your sexuality?” she asked. 
I tipped my head and dropped my gaze down her body. Her nipples were visible through her thin sweater, two tight beads pressing against the material. I knew what her breasts looked like. I knew they were pert and pink, smaller than mine. But I wanted to know what they felt like, to touch and taste the way Quinn had done. An ache spread like liquid through my core, tweaking my own nipples and settling in my pussy. “Yes,” I said, almost breathless with longing. “Yes, let’s go upstairs.” 
Eve reached for her enormous handbag and we climbed the stairs in silence. I led the way into the spare room. She left the door ajar as I flicked on the bedside lamps, filling the room with a softly muted glow. I glanced at the partially concealed camera and wondered if Liam had flicked on the TV yet. Who was I kidding? Of course he would have. 
Eve sat on the bed next to her handbag. She peeled off her top to reveal a pale lemon-colored bra. The cups were trimmed with white lace and the shoulder straps had three tiny daisies leading upward. My fingertips tingled with the desire to touch the daisies, dip below the cup, smooth over the soft skin of her breast and pluck at her pale pink nipples. 
She smiled up at me. “Have you really never been with a girl before?” 
I shook my head. “No.” 
She studied me with narrowed eyes. “I think you’ll like it, Ariane, you’ve been saturated by all that testosterone for years.” She stood and walked to me. We were standing sideways to the camera. “A little female attention will do you good.” 
I didn’t doubt it would, but I also wanted to give her some attention too. Her skin’s warmth radiated toward me and her enchanting scent had wrapped around me once more. She was a woman but she was different from me—taller, leaner, smaller. I was curious and eager to explore, to see how it would work between us. And the thought that Liam and hopefully Quinn were watching made it all the more thrilling, all the more erotic. 
“Take your top off, Ariane,” Eve murmured, reaching for the base of my sweater. 
I let her tug the material upward and over my head. She dropped it on the floor next to her own. Her gaze homed in on my breasts, encased in the black balcony bra I’d worn to seduce Quinn that morning. 
“So pretty,” she said, touching the cup right in the center, right where my nipple was straining for attention. “So, so pretty.” 
I snatched in a breath as heat seared my body. 
She smiled then lowered her head and kissed me again, gently and slowly, her tongue just dipping into my mouth. She cupped my heavy breast and squeezed lightly, reverently, sending deep sensations of yearning to my pussy . 
I broke the kiss, keen to touch her breasts. Reached for the small front clasp between the cups of her bra and twisted it free. The material sprang open and she slid the straps down her arms, letting it fall to the floor. 
“You’re beautiful,” I said. I meant it. The camera hadn’t done Eve justice. Her breasts were a perfect alabaster white, the nipples the most delicate shade of rose-petal pink I’d ever seen, and they stood with a high perkiness that was sassy and confident. As if they were waiting to be admired and adored. 
There was only one thought in my mind and that was to taste her. I dipped my head, kissed her right breast, once, just on the top rise. Her skin was soft as feathers on my lips. Hungry for more, I took her whole nipple into my mouth. 
“Oh god, Ariane,” she gasped, swaying toward me and placing her hands on my head. 
Encouraged, I generated a gentle suction and tickled her with my tongue. She moaned approvingly, raking her fingers through my hair. I used my hand to feed her tantalizing flesh gently toward my mouth. She tasted so sugary, like honey and flowers and hot summer days. Her nipple was pliant, hard but pliant and as I flicked and sucked I felt her body leaning toward me. 
She wanted more. 
I was going to give her more. 
After treating her other breast to the same attention, I looked into her face. Her eyes were glazed, her lips parted, her breath trembling in her chest. 
“Lose these.” I tugged at the button on her neat black pants. 
She nodded and quickly shucked them off. I dipped my finger just under the waistband of her pretty white daisy knickers. 
“And these,” I said with a smile. 
I thought of the camera. Liam and Quinn couldn’t hear what we were saying but they wouldn’t need to―the actions spoke for themselves. A new thrill went through me at the thought of their rapt faces. I wondered if they were hard yet. 
Eve pushed down her panties, revealing her pale blonde triangle of pubic hair. I stared into her eyes and pressed my middle finger to her mound, dipped just into the soft crease of her lips the way I’d seen her do in front of Quinn. 
“You’re hot,” I whispered, keeping my finger where it was and absorbing the satiny, moist feeling of another woman’s intimate parts. 
“I’m hot for you,” she murmured. “Take your clothes off too, Ariane. I want to touch you as well.” 
I withdrew my hand and stepped out of my jeans and knickers. We were both completely naked. 
“Lie down with me,” Eve said, twining her fingers with mine and tugging me to the bed. 
We lay down, side by side. Eve slid her hands to my face and we kissed, indulgently, wetly. We were in no mad rush, we knew we would both get what we wanted from each other. Imagining Liam and Quinn watching us, getting turned-on by our naughty girly antics, had me positioning my limbs like an actress might. I was caught in the moment with Eve but also acutely aware of my audience. 
“I want to make you come with my mouth,” Eve murmured, tipping my shoulder so I lay on my back. “I want to taste you, lick you, feel you come under my tongue, on my tongue. Can I do that to you, Ariane? Can I be the first woman to kiss you down there?” 
I gazed into her eyes. They sparkled with desire and longing. She’d meant what she’d said. 
“Yes,” I said quietly. “Yes, make me come.” I squirmed, suddenly impatient for this new experience. 
She smiled in a self-satisfied way and slid her body down mine. Our breasts squashed briefly, her slight ones against my heavier ones as she headed lower. She kissed my sternum, my hard, needy nipples and my navel, her tongue lapping and scrolling over my skin. As I parted my thighs for her I stared at the camera, at Quinn and Liam on the other side of the lens. 
I was making out with a woman, the men were secretly watching. We were being so bad. It was so deliciously good. 
Dragging my gaze away, I shifted up to my elbows and watched Eve’s fingers dip below my bare mound. She went straight for my entrance, rimming and circling the sensitive ridge of flesh she found there before smoothly penetrating me with one, long slim finger. 
“Oh god,” I gasped. The small penetration was exquisite in its delicateness and my pussy gripped it frantically. 
“You like that?” Eve asked in a hoarse whisper, studying her own movements carefully. 
“Yes, oh yes,” I hissed, now fascinated by the sensation and the sight of her other fingers moving over and around my clit as daintily as a pianist’s, tickling and spreading pliable flesh. As she worked me I began to swell and throb, a huge rush of heat and blood speeding to my clit and making it pulse wonderfully. 
“I love your bare pussy,” she said, pulling her finger out then smoothing back in, even higher this time. “Your lips are soft and dark like velvet.” Her warm breath washed over my skin. 
“Liam likes it,” I managed and then groaned as her finger hooked forward and stroked my G-spot. 
“I bet he does,” she said. “And I bet he likes to do this too.” 
She removed her finger from my pussy and then carefully, with splayed digits, spread my labia so the glossy, pea-sized bud of my clit was left unprotected and jutting forward. The cool air circled over my exposed flesh and I watched as the tip of her tongue darted out, like a snake, and she flicked it across my pale, vulnerable clit. 
I cried out at the profound feeling, hard and soft, delicate and strong. My elbows collapsed and my back hit the mattress. “Not exactly like that,” I gasped. Again I twisted my face to the camera. What would the guys be thinking? They were the only people who’d done this to me for years, so many years. Would they be jealous? Would they be remembering my flavor and texture as they watched? 

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