Friday, 17 June 2016

ToyBoy Warehouse is eagerly anticipating ONE NIGHT IN CAPE TOWN!

I'm completley thrilled that One Night in Cape Town has made the ToyBoy Warehouse list for more eagerly anticipated erotic romance of 2016. Not only that, they have lovely things to say...

Harlem’s work is easily commendable for its variety, no matter the story matter, love interests, gender, setting, Harlem keeps a smart and sexy current throughout. One of Harlem’s best work, The Silk Tie, is a favourite for our entire panel. Simply put, it’s hot! Really hot! Harlem seems to be the queen of the menage a trois, with The Silk Tie (and it’s predecessor The Glass Knot) being 2 of the smartest, sexiest books our panel have read. Fire warning needed!

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