Monday, 6 June 2016

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Another awesome prompt this week has tempted me to share a snippet from ONE NIGHT IN CAPE TOWN (available to pre-order for just 99c/99p, price goes up on release day, 29th June) when hunky American backpacker Levi has come up with some inventive ideas to keep Tia warm while they're stranded on Table Mountain in a storm!

He reached for her arse again, dipping his hands into her knickers. Urging her to move closer, and press nearer to his cock.
“How we gonna do this?” he asked.
“I’d have thought you’d know the routine,” she said. “Or do Americans do it differently?”
“Yeah... we do it better.” He squeezed her butt.
She giggled against his mouth. “I’m looking forward to you proving that.”
“I will, but what I want to know is are you up for lying down on this dirt or do you want to go on top?”
“You’re such a gentleman.”
“I like to think so.”
She released his cock, went up onto her knees and pushed at her knickers.
Quickly she shucked them off, and cast them aside. “No way am I lying on this, though I think...” She pressed her hands over his shoulders and straddled him again. “If you stay just like that it will work fine.”
He glanced downward at her pussy hovering over his cock. “It will. Damn shame I need to put a condom on.”
A bolt of panic went through Tia. Fuck. She’d forgotten about using a condom. Contraception simply hadn’t been an issue for years, thanks to her coil. But still, they really should. “Have you got one?”
“Yeah. Hang on.” He shifted and pulled his wallet from his jeans pocket. Flipping it open, he retrieved a gold Durex.
Quickly he opened it and cast the wrapper aside. He rolled the latex down his cock in a brisk, efficient manner.
Tia loved seeing him touch his dick, preparing himself for her. Excitement raged within her, her pussy damp with arousal. A full body tremble attacked her, lust and longing taking control.
“I’ll soon warm you up,” he said, mistaking her shiver for cold. “Come here.” He held his cock upright. “Take me, I’m yours.” He grinned.
Tia giggled, but it faded into a groan as she allowed the first inch of his dick to enter her. Damn, he was going to be a tight fit.
He released his cock and wrapped his thick arms around her, held her firm.
She sat down on him a little more, relishing the way he stretched her, the way she opened for him.
“Ahh, babe, you feel great.” He was breathing fast. “Take more of me.”
“Yes, yes...” She did, dropping until she was sitting on his thighs, her clit pressed up against his pubic hair.
She let her head fall back and stilled. So damn deep, so full.
He kissed her exposed neck, his stubbled chin scratching her flesh.
She moaned, a shaky little sound that was full of need and desperation.
“Ride me,” he whispered. “Show me how English girls do it.”
“Okay.” She looked at him and tightened her internal muscles around his cock.
“If you think you can handle it.”
“Ahh... I’m not sure if I can if you do that.” He bit his bottom lip. “You want me to have some staying power, right? It’s going to be a long night.”
“Yeah, but it’s just got a whole lot more interesting.” She pressed her lips to his and ground her pelvis against him.
Wow, that felt good. Her clit needed stimulation if she was going to come. And boy, she needed to come. It was the only thing that could happen now or she’d lose her mind.
“Like that, yeah, like that.” He urged her to move again.
She set up a fast, rocking rhythm, riding his cock, and stimulating herself with each thrust of her hips. Soon the pressure built, an orgasm sparking to life within her pelvis.
Levi let his head rest on the rock behind him. He gritted his teeth and wrinkled his nose.
“You okay?” she asked breathlessly.
“Fuck, yeah, never better... just not sure... how long...”
“I’m nearly there... Oh God...” She fisted his sweater. “Don’t stop.”
“I’m not doing anything.” He looked at her, his blue eyes now almost black in the dim light. “You’re riding me, babe... and it’s fucking awesome.”
The look on his face, his words... it tipped Tia over the edge. She picked up the pace, rocked her clit against him and combined bliss with the sensation of being so full of cock. “Yes, it’s here...” she cried out. “Oh, fuck!”
A clap of thunder and an extra sharp gust of wind accompanied her orgasm. She screwed her eyes shut, folded in on herself and succumbed to pleasure.
“Yes, yes...” He gripped her waist and urged her to keep up her momentum. “Fuck.” He came too, propelling his hips up to meet her. “Tia, Jesus Christ.” 


  1. Ooo I love Mondays!!!
    Congratulations on the new book x x

  2. It's storming here in Florida...maybe I should "ride" it out the same way. ;)