Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. I'm excited to announce that The Chase will be released on Amazon tomorrow and is available for pre-order NOW!

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Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company. 

Then one stand-up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot. 

Please note The Chase was previously published in the Brit Boys: On Boys boxed set. 

Steve went with him into a large bathroom. The furniture was white, but like the room it was decorated in rich, jewel shades and the towels were black and thick.
“What are you doing?” Robert asked, walking in after them then looking around at the huge corner bath and the massive walk-in shower cubicle. “Fuck, it’s nice in here.”
“Yeah, and we can get it hot and steamy too. Warm this pretty boy of yours up.”
Robert raised his eyebrows. “Sounds good.”
“Yeah.” Carrick smiled and reached for the base of Steve’s hoodie.
Steve raised his hands.
“Hang on,” Robert said, gripping Carrick’s right wrist.
“What?” Carrick frowned and stilled.
“Few ground rules first.”
“I’m all ears.” Carrick tipped his chin.
“He’s my sub but I’m happy to share, tonight only.”
“That’s all I want, one night.”
“And I get to say when he shoots his load, that’s my prerogative as his Master.”
“If you insist.”
“And if I’m not happy with anything you do to him, you stop, instantly.”
“He’ll love everything I’m going to do to him.”
Steve thought he might come, right there and then in his boxers. He’d gone from semi to full-blown erection in a nanosecond. The sight of Robert and Carrick squaring off and then discussing him as though he was just a plaything, a vessel for pleasure, was seriously erotic.
“I think you might enjoy the things I want to do to you, too, Robert,” Carrick said quietly, releasing Steve’s hoodie. He stepped up close to Robert.
Robert’s face softened, his eyelids drooped. He still held Carrick’s wrist. “I’d be interested in discussing that.” His voice was low and sexy.
“You ever subbed?” Carrick asked.
“Nah, and not about to, but I don’t mind bottoming.”
“Good to know.” Carrick reached out and cupped Robert’s face. He drew their lips together in a slow but hungry kiss.
Steve watched, mesmerised by the sight of their tongues, glistening and pink, stroking in and out of each other’s mouths. He pressed his hand over his cock and willed himself to stay calm. But it was damn hard when he was watching the two Doms he lusted after connecting like that.
He hoped to hell they’d fuck later. He’d sell his soul to witness that.

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