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Rule Breaker by Lily Harlem #excerpt #erotica #romance #newrelease @Totally_Bound @8britbabes

Here's a steamy excerpt to whet you appetite for my hot new release Rule Breaker....

We caught a taxi back to my flat. Miller insisted on paying. He said his brother had sent him a good amount of cash to help him celebrate getting out.
“Is he rich then, your brother?” I asked as we climbed the stairs to my front door.
“He’s done all right for himself. He’s got land now too.”
I continued to stomp up the stairs, my footsteps clattering around the bare walls. “You said he lived near Bordeaux.”
“Yeah. Maybe we’ll call in and see him.”
“That would be nice.”
“Do you have a passport?” he asked.
“Yes, but it will take a while for you to get one organized. A few weeks.”
“Nah, Nate’s done that for me. I’ve got it right here.” He raised his bag slightly. “I told you he’s been good to me, even though I haven’t seen him for bloody ages. He’s set me right for getting out.”
I smiled, pleased that he had support, other than me and what the welfare was giving him. It made the future so much brighter, not just for him, but for us.
“That’s really good,” I said, shoving my key into the lock and turning it.
“Yeah, it is.”
“Well, this is my place. It isn’t much, being in London and all, and nurses’ wages aren’t great. But it’s mine.” I dumped my umbrella in a stand, set the flowers aside and shrugged out of my coat.
Miller turned and shut the door. He slid the chain into place.
‘I’ll never hurt you.’
A tremor went through me. Because damn the bloke was big. Not only that, he had a lot going on in that head of his that I couldn’t possibly know about, or if I did, couldn’t hope to understand.
Being behind bars for ten years could easily turn a man mad, and he’d been the wrong side of sane when he’d gone in.
I swallowed and kicked off my shoes, hoping I wasn’t making the biggest mistake of my life.
But as I watched him remove his coat and hang it next to mine, his shoulder and arm muscles flexing and dancing beneath his clothing, a knot of excitement curled in my belly replacing the anxiety.
This was what I’d wanted—something new, unpredictable, edgy. I wanted Miller and all that pent-up passion. I wanted a life less ordinary.
It was all going exactly according to plan.
“So,” he said, stepping up close. “Now what?”
I backed up and my shoulders hit the wall.
It was dark in the hallway, the shadows stretched over the floor and up to the ceiling.
They’d also drenched his face in shade, catching his angular features.
“Whatever you want,” I said, my mouth suddenly dry.
“No, hen, this has to be about you too. I’m not selfish.” He pressed his palms to the wall on either side of my head. “Tell me what you like?”
“Tell me what you think I’ll like. What did you want to tell me yesterday, just before Barry came in?”
“Ah, that.” He gave me a twisted smile and his eyes narrowed. “Yeah, that was a hot little fantasy I’d had about us in a pool, somewhere sunny, bright, away from here.”
“Go on.” My heart was thudding. I could feel the pulse in my neck and hear it too.
“You were in nothing but a pair of tiny red bikini bottoms that went up the crack of your arse and your tits, they were there for me to look at and touch, whenever I wanted.” He glanced down, as though trying to see through my sweater to my breasts.
“And did you?” I asked. “Touch me?”
“Yeah, after I spent ages covering you in sun cream, making sure I didn’t miss one inch of your sweet flesh, I bent you over the sun lounger and fucked you.”
Oh, God, the way he said fucked you—all rough and businesslike and with that Scottish twang lurking beneath the words. A rush of heat filled my pussy and I tensed my internal muscles, wishing I had his cock there to squeeze.
His mouth brushed mine. “Yeah, I fucked you good and hard and proper until you could barely remember your own name, and you just kept screaming mine. Would you like that, Lacey? Would you like me to fuck you outside, under the sky, where anyone could see my cock in your your arse? They’d all know you were mine. No one else would be allowed to touch you, but they could all watch.”
“You’re...filthy,” I whispered.
He chuckled. “And you’ve gone hot. I can feel it burning from your cheeks.” He kissed across my face and settled his mouth at my ear. “But tell me, would you like that? To be fucked by me however and wherever I wanted to take you? Is that the kind of thing that yanks your chain?”
“Yes.” I gripped his shirt and fisted it tight. “Yes. We should fuck.” I sounded desperate. I knew I did, but I couldn’t help it and I didn’t care. “Now.”
I reached for his jeans. He didn’t wear a belt. Hurriedly, and trying not to fumble, I pulled at the button and dragged at the zipper.
I heard his sharp intake of breath. Felt him still all movement.
Beneath my fingers, through his boxers, I could make out a long wedge of flesh, solid and hard and straining forward.
I slipped my hand into his underwear, found his hot shaft and held it tightly.
“Fuck,” he muttered. He appeared frozen, hands on the wall, face tucked against the side of my head.
“You’re so hard,” I murmured. I loved being so surrounded by him. He made me feel small yet powerful as I held his cock.
With my free hand, I pushed at his jeans and boxers and freed his erection completely. I couldn’t see it, we were too close, so I stared at a hanging picture of the Cornish coastline Shay had bought me years ago and massaged Miller root to tip.
“Oh...fucking hell...Lacey,” he groaned. “I—”
“Shh...” I said, tearing my eyes from the picture and kissing the angle of his jaw. “Shh, just feel.”
“I am and it feels...too good.”
“That’s the idea.” I added my other hand so I was holding him in both and my fingertips were stroking his balls.
He stuttered in a breath. “Oh, God.”
“Does this make you want to come?” I asked.
“Yeah...fuck yeah, I told you...ticking bomb.”
I smiled against his cheek, my skin bunching and tugging on his stubble. “You’re just about ready to explode.”
“ you...I you...”
“I don’t think there’s time.” I sped up my ministrations, working his cock in a way that always made Shay reach the finish line super quick. My forearms knocked between us, banging on my belly and brushing against his.
Miller’s cock swelled further in my hand.
He groaned long and low and pushed his hips forward as though greedy for more. “Ah, God, it’” he said on a pant. “I’m sorry.”
“Come,” I said, excitement pulsing through me. “Come in my hand. I want to feel you come.”
His breaths were a storm in my ear. His big body shoved against me and he thrust his cock into my grip, cum shooting from the end.
I kept on massaging, using his release as lube to rub and stroke him harder.
“Ah, ah...” he cried and tipped his head back. It sounded as though he was in pain but I knew it was extreme pleasure.
I glanced down, able to see now. My hand was a blur, my movement on his cock so fast. “Jesus, there’s more,” he gasped. “There’s more coming.”
Another spurt of cum leaked from his tip, dripping heavily onto the floor, some landing on my sock.
“Yes,” I managed, breathless from excitement. “Yes, fuck, that’s it. Come.”
He scooped his hand around the nape of my neck and drew me into a ravenous kiss. His tongue shoved into my mouth and swept against mine. He wrapped his other hand around my waist and pulled me tight against him.
He was breathing hard and his chest, puffing up and down, banged into mine.
I released his cock and clutched his shoulders.
A full-body tremble went through him, snaking up his spine and tensing all of his damn fine muscles.
“I’m sorry,” he said, his mouth moving against mine as he spoke. “That wasn’t exactly my plan.”
“Don’t apologize.”
I pressed my index finger over his lips. “Shh, it’s been a long time. You can be forgiven a premature...” I didn’t want to finish the sentence.
“It just felt so...your hands on me. I—”
“It’s okay, really.” I kissed him. “Come on. Let’s get out of the hallway and into the bedroom. I’m sure we can think of something to do while you er...recover.”
“I don’t think recovery will take long.” He pulled back and glanced down at his dick.
It stuck rudely from the gap in his trousers, the end shiny and the shaft still engorged. “That can only be a good thing,” I said, pushing away from the wall and heading into my small living area.
I’d taken two steps when he moved in behind me. He scooped me up, one arm around my middle and the other beneath my thighs.
“Hey,” I said, giggling.
“Where’s the damn bed,” he grunted.
I looked at the determined glint in his eyes, the carnal desire and the sinfully erotic tilt of his lips.
My smile dropped.
I guessed we’d barely taken the edge of what he wanted, and he was pretty damn serious about taking the rest—from me.

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