Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mid Week Tease #MWT

Sexy free GBLT story for you!

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, I have a freebie for you today, Part One of Caught on Camera my MM serial about two sexy guys making a porn movie in Las Vegas. Part One starts out in England... here's a few...

Cade shoved his jeans down and kicked them off. He laid them roughly over the back of the chair he’d been sitting on then headed toward the pool. As he went, he pushed at his boxers and revealed his tight arse that was a shade paler than the rest of his skin. He kept on walking as the boxers slid down his legs then he stepped out of his underwear without pausing. He left the boxers bunched on the lawn, dead center in one of the pale green stripes he’d created.
Reece felt his jaw slacken. Fuck, the guy was brazen. He just went for it.
“Gotta go in naked,” Cade called, “otherwise you’ll have wet boxers beneath your jeans, making a damp patch and giving the game away.”
“Yeah, makes sense,” Reece replied. Fuck, he was getting harder by the minute. The sight of the abandoned boxers and Cade’s long, muscular body was enough to have his balls aching and his arsehole clenching.
“Come on,” Cade shouted, even though he couldn’t see that Reece had made no move to join him. “All work and no play makes Reece a dull boy.”
“What about the lawn? You haven’t finished.”
“Fuck it. I’ll do it later.” He reached the pool and dove in, creating a white burst of water that splashed upwards and made waves across the surface.
“Oh, bloody hell,” Reece said, quickly slipping the straps of his overalls off then scooting down the trousers. Beneath he wore red boxers, fake Calvin Kleins from the market, but he had no intention of removing them—not yet—not until he was safely by the pool.
God, was he really going to do this?
Unlike Cade, Reece carried his clothes across the lawn and set them on a lounger. If there was a sudden urgency to get dressed, if Mrs. Henley-Smythe did appear, he didn’t want to be caught in the buff.
“It’s great. Get in,” Cade called, before turning and propelling himself in a fast crawl to the opposite end of the pool.
Reece made the most of the fact that Cade was facing the other way, tugged off his boxers then slipped into the water. The chill stole his breath for a moment and thankfully also took the heat from his hard-on. He sank beneath the surface, soaking his hair and letting the water rush into his ears. He pushed off and swam for several seconds to the far side.
When he bobbed up, he came face to face with Cade.
“What do you think?” Cade asked.

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