Saturday, 10 January 2015

Our Sexy New Year ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthor

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday and Happy New Year! This week's theme is resolutions. In my new serial Caught on Camera, Reece has decided that it's definitely time to move on with his life and take a few chances. Little does he know that his decision will transform him from a painter and decorator working in suburban England to a glamorous life as a porn star in Las Vegas. And it all starts with a skinny dip…

Part One of Caught on Camera is FREE from the publisher and Part Two is out now priced at just 99c/99p. Each part is fine as a standalone read but put them all together (5 parts in total released two weeks apart) and they make up one seriously steamy novel!

This snippet is from Book One…

If Cade could be forward, and just say and do what he wanted, then Reece could play that game too. And damn if he wasn’t more than ready for his sexual dry spell to come to an end, and what better way than in a millionaire’s mansion with a seriously sexy guy?
“Oh, cheeky,” Cade said, pressing his lips to Reece’s again. He drew him closer and as his tongue snuck into Reece’s mouth, their stiff cocks came into alignment.
Reece let out a small groan. The feel of their shafts rubbing together in the water, heat and cool, slippery and stiff, was the stuff of dreams. He wound his arms firmer around Cade and deepened the kiss. His heart rate cranked up a few notches and a tightening in his lower abdomen increased the rush of blood to his cock.
Cade felt amazing in his arms—all burly brawn and powerful muscles. There wasn’t much difference in their height but there was probably a few pounds difference in their weight. Not that Reece minded, he’d always preferred being on the lean side, and he liked getting down and dirty with big brutes who could pin him to the bed and go for it all night.
“Fuck, you’re getting me so riled up for it,” Cade said, pulling back a bit.
“Good,” Reece smiled. “’Cause I sure as hell am up for it.”
“I can tell.”

Grab Part One here for FREE, and Part Two from the publisher and all good ebook retailers. Full listings of this popular new serial can be found on this page.


  1. This is a seriously hot series!

  2. Um, yeah, most definitely hot!

  3. Love the photo. The excerpt is pretty damn hot as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Steamy. Sounds like a hot read. Thanks for sharing!