Saturday 16 August 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #free #kindle

Welcome Spankers - this week a FREE short story in the first person narrative "When a woman wants to experiment, how does she ask for More?"

I’m a nice guy, too nice, the sort who lets a fly out of the window rather than splats it. So why the hell would I want to hit your ass? Make your perfect, delicate pale flesh burn scarlet with my handprints? I can visualise it now, the shape of my palm, my fingers and thumb, outlined like a pornographic hand painting on your rump. The thought of it is hot, too hot to be trusted.
I did it once. It felt good, fuck, it looked good too. Your quivering butt globes offered up, my dick sliding into your slickness and heading towards a ball-squeezing crescendo. 
“Spank me,” you’d gasped. “Please, spank me. Spank me now.”
After the shock of hearing those words had settled, my palm began to tingle. Then, before I knew what had happened, I’d hit you. A thrilling wave of absolute possession crested through me and I shunted in so deep I could feel your smooth, hard cervix on the head of my cock. My guts clenched as I watched the ripple of the impact glide over your soft flesh, wobbling the buttock I adored with every inch of my being.

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