Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Oysters and Chocolate

Today over at the wonderful  Oysters and Chocolate   Stockholm Surrender is featured along with a glowing review!! This has made my day :-)

Review snippets

There is something about a bad boy. Especially a bad boy with a cause. Ty Winters is that sort of boy.

The premise is inspired, and one of the most unusual takes on the theme of kidnap within erotica that I’ve come across.

Even when Ty hacks off a clump of Penny’s hair to post to her father, Penny is still determined to see him again- and this is where the skill of Lily’s writing shines through. As a reader I was with Penny- you believe she wants to be with Ty even after he destroys her hair- and you can see why. As a couple- however wildly unconventional- they steam. 

If you like your erotica edgy and kinky, but with the romance kept in, then Stockholm Surrender is a must read.

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  1. You guys convinced me. I just went to Amazon and purchased a copy of Stockholm Surrender and went ahead and picked up Stockholm Seduction while I was there, pleased to note that it is currently free. Can't wait to start reading.

  2. That's great Kathryn, I hope you enjoy Stockholm Surrender.

    Stockholm Seduction has always been free and is the prologue to Stockholm Surrender. It was because of so many reader requests for more of the free story that I wrote the full novel to accompany it :-)