Saturday, 10 March 2012

National Recognition

Today in the Independent Saturday Magazine, UK female erotica authors are being given a chance to have their say. Explain to the world what it is they write and why and hopefully in the process dispel some myths about writers of sexy novels.

I was involved in this project and met with the photographer, David Woolfall, last year. He took some photographs of me on the beach and we spent a few hours chatting about not just writing, but everything. He is such a nice guy and even though my pictures don't feature in the final article (Ten authors were involved only five feature, it was literally luck of the draw) I had a nice time. Though to be honest, you can tell by my pictures that I am a little shy, so the thought of being in such a huge national newspaper was pretty daunting.

Here is one of my pictures, you can see the others here.

Here is the link to the article, it is well worth a look.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lily x


  1. I LOVE your shots, Lily! And it was loads of fun, wasn't it? And wow! What an article!


  2. It is a shame not all ten could be included in the piece but it's nice to see Erotica being represented in a positive light for a change. Hopefully it'll be the start of shifting some perceptions.

  3. Thanks guys, yes it was fun, and it has made me feel very positive about the future not just for myself but for all of us, because we rock! - even if just very quietly sometimes :-)

  4. I've read the online version, but I'm still rushing out to buy the newspaper so I can see the print version of my buddies' fame! :)

    L x

  5. Lily -I love your photos, they're awesome. David really is a great photographer!