Monday, 11 April 2011

ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY gets awesome review!!

ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY has just received a 4 1/2 star review from Whipped Cream. This is what the reviewer said -

"Annie thought she and her boyfriend Tim were going to share a quiet weekend with friends in the country. Beautiful countryside, cows dotting the landscape, fresh vegetables, wonderful smelling flowers and time to relax and reconnect with Tim away from their hectic lifestyle. Tim had thoughts of sharing Annie with his friends over a quiet weekend in the country. Okay, either way works for me.

There was an openness to the characters in this story. Ms. Harlem managed to convey Tim and Annie's deep love for each other and their great affection for the others involved. No limits were placed on gender or what felt good and readers will walk away knowing that everyone enjoyed their time spent in the country.

This wonderfully written short story has all the right elements a reader comes to expect from a beautiful love story and the talented Ms. Harlem. The setting was described so well you feel as if you are there yourself. The sheet action is super hot so don't be surprised when your computer screen melts. While this is a novella with a pretty simple plot it isn't short of details or engaging dialogue.

Ms. Harlem graced us with a wonderful mini vacation. I'll be there with bells on if she offers up another one, I assure you. Tim and Annie certainly benefited from their time in the country and you will too! Pick up your copy today."

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