Saturday, 29 January 2011

Seeds of Desire

'Seeds of Desire' by Karenna Colcroft is fresh out at Ellora's Cave - check it out  

For Cassidy Shelton, working with Jared Jackson is a form of torture, partly because of his arrogant attitude and partly because of the lust for him that Cassidy can’t quite deny.

When the two are sent on an overnight business trip to promote a reforestation project, their desire peaks. From making out in Jared’s car to seduction through thin hotel walls, sparks fly fast and furious between them. Cassidy may feel ambivalent about Jared, but her body doesn’t.

But when Jared strips away the arrogance to bare his heart, can Cassidy accept it? And can she admit, even to herself, that she feels the same about him?

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  1. Just dropped by to see your site and say hello!

  2. Hi Julia, great to see you here. :-)

  3. Hello Karenna and Lily!
    Best wishes to you Karenna, Seeds of Desire looks good!
    Lily the new blog is lovely.
    XXOO Kat