Saturday, 22 August 2020

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a few from MASTER OF HER WORLD. Imagine a male dominated world where women have to not only obey but need semen three times a day to survive. 


With her own world facing catastrophic environmental collapse, Briella's only option is to seek refuge on the planet Roun, but the cost of her choice will be her freedom. Upon reaching her new home, she is met by Gastion, the stern, handsome man to whom she now belongs, and he wastes no time in making his expectations clear. Briella will obey him in all things and make her beautiful body available to him in every way, or her bare bottom will pay the price.

Gastion quickly demonstrates that his warnings are not to be taken lightly, and when he discovers that Briella has smuggled prohibited contraband from her home planet she is punished thoroughly. But while he is more than ready to be strict with her, Gastion soon proves that a skillful master can bring his slave pleasure beyond anything she could have imagined, and Briella finds herself surrendering willingly even as he claims her in ever more shameful ways.

Their passion blossoms into romance, but there are strict rules governing interactions between masters and slaves, and it isn't long before Gastion and Briella's relationship attracts scrutiny from the governing authorities. Can their love survive the wrath of the planet's powerful king?

* * * * * * *

He held up his palm, the one he’d injured. “Come here.”
She hesitated.
“Yes, Sir.” She quickly stood, clasping her hands before her.
“I wish to check the poppy balm has worked.” He flexed and unflexed his fingers as his attention dipped to her breasts. “If not I will apply more so I’m healed by morning. Tomorrow I have much to do.”
“Yes, Sir.” She curled her toes on the hard floor. How was he going to test the health of his hand?
“Lay yourself over my knee.” He straightened and drew his legs together.
Briella stayed rooted to the spot. Did he really want her draped over his lap? Her breasts against his thighs, her belly squashed against his leg?
He tipped his head. “If you’re a good slave, I will allow you to ask me one question. I can see that many are swirling in that pretty head of yours.”
“Yes, Sir.” One question? She stepped up to him, then gingerly, not wanting to hurt him, settled face down on his lap.
“I won’t break,” he muttered, with a tinge of impatience. He pressed between her shoulders, pinning her to the bed, and dragged her hips so that she was flush with his body.
Gasping at the sudden swift movement, she gripped the covers and pressed her cheek onto the sheet.
“Ah, such a sweet ass,” he said, skimming his hand over both buttocks.
She was still tender from the flogger but she could easily tolerate him touching her there now.
“You pinked up quickly when I flogged you for the enforcers.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“But now I’m going to pink you up for me. To see if my hand copes with spanking you, slave.”
“Yes, Sir. As you wish.”
“I do wish.” He stroked up to her hairline then down her back to her thighs, then behind her knees. He tickled and caressed, the hard calluses on his palms scratching her slightly.
She writhed, enjoying his touch and the adoration he seemed to put into each movement.
Suddenly it hit; one hard, resounding slap on her right buttock.
She cried out as the pain bloomed over her skin, then jerked, trying to get away from it. The sting followed.
“No, keep still.” He gathered her hair in his free hand and tugged.
She stilled as her scalp complained. “Oh, Sir…”
“I wish to see my handprint come alive.”
She bit on her bottom lip. Did all masters on Roun wish for this? She wasn’t sure. Maybe that should be her question.
He was rubbing her buttock again, exactly where he’d hit. “Here it comes. My handprint on you. Beautiful.”
“Does that mean your hand is well, Sir?”
“I believe it does.” He gripped her hair tighter. “Keep still. One more.”
She screwed up her eyes and tensed her butt cheeks.
“No, relax. Don’t do that.”
“Sorry, Sir.”
It took great effort to release the tension in her buttocks. But as soon as she did he struck her again.
She’d been aware of the air shifting around her opposite buttock a moment before a fire-like slap hit down. And when it did, the heat burned against her nerve endings. He’d put solid muscle behind the slap.
“Mmm…” Gast said, pulling her a little closer. His cock was hard against her and his body as warm as hers. “There we go. Good girl.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
He chuckled. “You are thanking me for a spank?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good, that means you will get more of them.” He chuckled again. “You obviously like it.”
She swallowed tightly. She wasn’t sure how many spankings she really wanted, or if she liked it. But his hand was better than the flogger.
But lying here, she was so open to him, somehow more vulnerable tipped over his lap like this, with her ass in the air for his enjoyment, than when she was on the cross.
What did she look like to him? A slim girl with moon-white buttocks squirming on his thick lap?
He appeared in no rush to release her and continued to caress her body, paying particular attention to her patches of smarting skin as though admiring his handiwork. He slipped his finger through the cleft of her buttocks, sliding to her anus and hovering there for a moment.
She held her breath and squeezed the sheets tighter.
“This will be soon,” he said, pressing very gently at the center of her pucker.
“Yes, Sir.”
“The enforcers will check that I have medicated you here.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“And if it hasn’t happened, they will do it.”

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  1. Very intense. I think he'll take good care of her, but this planet seems very harsh in its rules for women. Nicely done, Lily!