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Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a few from the VIKING'S CAPTIVE to heat up your day!

Halvor surveyed the rouged buttocks over his lap. He couldn’t deny they were lacking in meaty flesh, but still, they were perfectly round and they had been of the most delicate white he’d ever borne witness too.
But not anymore. Now they were as red as crab apples. Each time he’d delivered a swat another depth of color had arrived. And now... now she glowed a stunning scarlet.
And he had to say she was taking it well. But then again, from the moment he’d decided to grab her, take her as his captive, he’d known she was different. She had fight in her, a will to live, and a stubborn streak that would be hard to break.
He brought the sole of his leather shoe down once more on her offered buttock, layering the shoe-shaped redness his swat would create over the previous ones. Anticipating the jolt of her body, as he continued to deliver the discipline, he tightened his hold. He was nearly done. Each quivering buttock was almost on an equal number of slaps and of a matching delightful shade...
He paused for a moment and explored his handiwork, enjoying the heat that radiated onto his palm. Her skin had appeared virginal, now it was his, burning with his mark.
She moaned, kicked her legs a little, and clasped his calf. Her small hand was nothing more than a kitten’s paw. But her slight frame, her tiny hands and feet, delicate features, just added fuel to the protective streak in him.
How can I protect her if she won’t obey me?
He had to set down rules if he was to keep her safe. This first spanking would start growing her trust and dare he say it... respect.
He gripped the shoe, slapped it down again. This was the last one, and he didn’t hold back, gave her a good hard whack.
“Ouch! Please, no more. I beg you, Master.”
Part of him was sorry it had ended, but equally he was glad it had.
Will her pain ever become mine? Will she ever truly become a part of my soul and my destiny?
He shook his head to rid his mind of such a ridiculous thought. She was a slave. The lowest of the low. A thrall. He needed to remember his place as master, and not allow her to affect him... much.
He tossed his shoe to one side, gripped her waist, and pulled her upward so she was half sitting on his lap, her tender ass not in contact with anything.
Her face was flushed, her cheeks wet, and her eyes were misty. She was breathing hard.
He stared at her chest rising and falling. Her pert breasts were pushing at her clothing then retreating over and over. A sudden urge struck him to see her chest, to explore her shape, witness the color of her flesh... her nipples.
Reaching for the base of her dress, which was rucked around her waist, he tugged it upward.
“No!” She tried to fight him, but her efforts were of little hindrance to him.
Quickly he had her dress off and discarded on the floor. He’d have to organize new garments for her; what she had was in a sorry state.
“What are you doing?” She clasped her hands over her small breasts, hiding them from his view.
Her breaths had sped up further, adding to his pleasure at having a near naked woman on his lap. She was flushed, a little damp with sweat, and despite her naivety he could sense the spark in her, the passion that lurked beneath the surface.
“You are mine,” he said, gripping her wrists, “and as such I wish to inspect my property.”

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a few from TAKING CHARGE which is new to Kindle Unlimited.


Despite her success in the world of politics, Sheena Nichols has grown tired of spending her nights alone, and when her need for a man to take charge in the bedroom becomes too intense to ignore she seeks out a professional. But she gets much more than she bargained for...

While mastering Sheena properly is a challenge Julian Roath is more than happy to accept, he has no need for her money. When he claims her, it is purely for the pleasure of seeing her blush as she's made to kneel naked at his feet, hearing her beg as her bare bottom is soundly spanked, and feeling her writhe in ecstasy as he enjoys her body in any way he pleases.

Before she knows it, Sheena finds the strict control she's always maintained over her life slipping away as Julian shows her what it means to be thoroughly dominated. But is she truly prepared to surrender herself completely to a man who will not hesitate to take what he wants?


“You stepped out of line,” he said. “When we woke up. You hadn’t had permission to touch my cock.” For emphasis he put his hand down his sweats and adjusted his erection.
“I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t know that rule.” She was staring at the domed head of the wand.
“You won’t forget it now.”
“What’s that, Sir?” she asked. “That you’re holding.”
“Something you’ll rather enjoy. To start with at least.” He stood at her side and flicked it on. The low hum told him it was vibrating. He touched it to each of her nipples in turn.
“Oh!” she said, her eyes widening. “That’s...”
“Spread your legs.” He ran the smooth end of the wand around her breasts in a figure eight then trailed it down the front clasps of the corset. When he reached her mound he paused and pressed his free hand into the small of her back. She’d likely writhe soon and he’d need to keep her still.
He dropped the wand lower, to the area just above her clit.
Sure enough, as he pressed it over the upper section of her pussy her breaths quickened. “You may come,” he said. “Whenever you need to.”
“Sir?” She sounded surprised.
“Come, when you want, as often as you want.” He pressed harder, knowing how wicked the wand was and how quickly it could bring about an orgasm.
“Oh, God,” she moaned, tipping her head and her hair dropping a little toward her shoulders. “That’s... so...”
“Yes, it’s powerful.” He kept the wand firmly in place, then ran his hand down the column of her spine and delivered a firm spank. “Ow!” She bucked forward onto the wand, then tried to jerk backward. But he kept her in place with his palm pressed in the hollow of her back. She had no escape from the wand.
“I’m going to...” she gasped. “Oh... oh...”
“Yes. Come.” He released her, momentarily, and brought his hand down on her opposite cheek.
She came as he spanked her again. Bucking and shaking, pressing back to escape the insistent wand and springing forward to escape his hand.
But he didn’t move either. He kept the wand right where it was, knowing it would still be stimulating her pulsing clitoris, and in between steadying her, he rained hard spanks down onto her ass.
“Oh, fuck... oh...” she groaned, twisting her head this way and that.
“Come again,” he said, inspecting the delicious rosy apple shade her ass was turning. “We’ve only just begun.”

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Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #kinky #erotic #gingerfigging #kindle #ku

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a Victorian kink to go with your spanking!
Want to know on.

Heat from a spanking ensures that Cassandra simmers with pleasure in a way she never would have imagined. 

Cassandra lives by a set of rules that both thrill and complete her. Having Master Raif attend her every need in and out of the bedroom is perfection. She trusts him absolutely, and he wields his power over her with a great sense of responsibility. 

But when he announces a new way to spice up their after-dinner party she can’t help having a few nerves. Really? That? There? And would it feel good? 

There is only one thing for it, and that’s to smile through the evening and let the anticipation build. When it finally happens and she gets what’s coming to her, Cassandra knows she’ll never look at spice the same way again. The heat is intense, the burn scorching, and her Master takes her to new highs that make her sizzle with satisfaction. 


“Take the ginger out of the bag, Cass,” he said, turning off the heat under the onions.
Cassandra pulled it out and examined the gnarly root. It was nearly as big as her hand with protruding nodules—one longer than her finger and twice as wide.
“I took great care choosing it,” Sir said. “There were lots in the box but I wanted that one.” 
“Oh…” She held it up, wondering what was special about it.
“Yes. It’s going to be just right.”
“But we don’t have a course that needs ginger in it, Sir.” She was confused—prawn cocktail, steak and New York cheesecake weren’t ginger-requiring dishes.
“I have something that requires ginger in it,” he said, sweeping his tongue over his bottom lip and narrowing his eyes.
His tongue had left a faint sheen and Cassandra wished she could lick it off. But she couldn’t, their guests would arrive in twenty minutes. If she got him more riled up, in the mood, that wouldn’t be nearly enough time for fun. Not to mention she needed to get dressed very soon. 
“What is that, Sir? That requires ginger in it?”
“Guess.” He took a small knife from the drawer and began to peel the fibrous root.
The spicy scent drifted toward Cassandra, making her think of Christmas and mulled wine and dunking biscuits in tea after long walks through the woods.
“I don’t know if I can guess, Sir.”
He set the now peeled root on the chopping board. He began to carve and sculpt, shaping the ginger and removing all but the longest protrusion. “Well?”
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She shrugged and shook her head. “I really don’t know.”
“What does it remind you of?”
“A… A carrot?”
“Yes, I suppose it does. But I didn’t mean another vegetable. I meant what does it remind you of that I have in my special cupboard.”
Special cupboard? That was where he kept floggers and whips, bondage straps, ball gags, vibrators, wands, lubes, handcuffs, butt plugs… Butt plugs.
She swallowed—her throat suddenly tight. Yes, that’s what it reminded her of—a butt plug. He’d carved it to the same conical, tapered shape. It even had a ridge at the bottom that would, if inserted there, stop it going too deep. 
“Good girl,” he said, tipping his head and smiling. “You’ve got it, haven’t you?”
She nodded. “Yes, it’s a butt plug, isn’t it, Sir?” 

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