Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog! Just out this week is my hot and kinky married couple novella, Joy Ride. Talk about walking on the wild side, this couple get in quite a fix seeking out their fantasy, but it's all good fun and wholly satisfying!

Kimberly is desperate—muffling gasps of pleasure under the covers is just not doing it for her. She loves and desires her husband, but she needs more. 

Could the Spice Rack game picked up at a girly, wine-infused party be the solution? Anticipation floods her body as she opens the first “task”. What the...? How is “love on the move” going to spice up her sex life? It’s impossible, or so she thinks, because when a sudden sinful idea pops into her head she has to act, much to Nate’s delight. 

Until, that is, they’re spotted, pulled over, hauled out and cuffed, and not in fluffy pink. 

They’re in for it, but the glint in Nate’s eye tells Kimberly he’s finally got her exactly where he wants her. It might feel like hell, but before she knows it she’s catapulted to a heavenly place she’s been longing to revisit. As long as they can get away with it. 

Please note this book was previously published with different cover art. 

“We were only supposed to stay for a minute,” she whispered as they put on their shoes.
“Sorry,” Nate mouthed and opened the door.
Once outside, he pulled her close as they walked to his car. “Sorry,” he said again. “It’s just your Dad has a friend who’s bought this old Chevy and he’s renovating it. He wants me to help out.”
“Well, that’s all very well, but this night is supposed to be about us, remember?”
Nate squeezed her close. “Of course I remember. How could I not?” He lowered his voice. “And just so you know, if Sophie hadn’t walked into the kitchen earlier, I may well have stripped you naked right in front of the sink, bent you over and had my wicked way with you.”
 A shiver of delight zipped through Kimberly’s body, the longed-for sexy words as delectable as any caress. “Really?”
“Yes, really.” He stopped in the shadows by the car door and wrapped her in his arms. “This damn Spice Rack and the thought of what each jar might contain has got me feeling like a horny teenager.” He kissed her hard and fast. “We should get ourselves home ASAP and open another jar.”
“Just what I was thinking. And should we make it a seriously hot chili one this time?” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively and cupped his ass, hoping her father hadn’t decided to peek out the curtains.
He grinned and there was a roguish glint in his eyes, one that she hadn’t seen for a while. “I don’t care what it says in the jar, because you, baby, are going to get it good.”
“I am?” Oh, what a promise. Kimberly could barely control a delicious tremble of anticipation between her legs.
“Yep, with the bedroom lights on and no holding back your screams of pleasure. I’m going to remind you how we used to…fuck.”
Kimberly slid her hands from his taut butt and fisted his sweater at his lower back. She couldn’t remember when she’d last heard Nate curse. But it didn’t offend her. Far from it. In fact it turned her on. Fuck. She loved that word. It should be in their lives more often. “Fuck,” she repeated.
He licked his lips. “Yes, we used to fuck like crazy. Do you remember on our honeymoon? We didn’t come out of the hotel room for three days. It was awesome.”
Kimberly nodded, remembering with wonderful clarity how they’d enjoyed each other’s bodies to the max. His stamina in the shower had been incredible and he’d eked out her first multiple orgasm. She’d woken him with a blowjob, the best start to any day ever, he’d later said. They’d also conceived Sophie, a condom having split during a particularly strenuous doggy-style session on the balcony at three in the morning. “I remember,” she whispered against his lips. “It was awesome.”
“It was how we were most of the time.” He stroked his thumb over her cheek. “I still feel the same way about you, you know. I don’t show it so much. Can’t show it so much but that doesn’t mean...”
“Doesn’t mean what?” She tipped her head and studied the way he nibbled at his bottom lip.
“That when you walk into a room I don’t imagine you naked. When you touch me, even just a hand on my arm, I don’t long for more, much more. Because I do. I miss the old us.”
Damn, so did Kimberly. How could they have let themselves get into this state?
“Not to say I’m not happy with how we are,” he said hurriedly. “I am. You’re the only one for me, you have to know that, not just for today, tomorrow, but forever.” He paused. “But we’re still young, in love and, if that kiss an hour ago is anything to go by, we’re still in lust.”
“Sure, we’re still in lust.” Squeezing a little tighter against him, she felt a hard package behind the fly of his jeans. “Nate! We’re at my parents’.”
He grinned and rubbed his pelvis against her, just a little, the tiniest amount. “I can’t help it. Just talking about fucking you has made me hard enough to hammer nails.”
Kimberly giggled. “Well, we’d best get you home so you can start hammering.”
He gave a snort of laughter. “Yeah, let’s ditch the movie.”
“There was never a movie.” 

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