Monday, 7 March 2016

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday, this is an excerpt inspired more by last week's steamy MM bathroom scene. It's from The Chase, a sexy MMM short story set in Cardiff on a frosty night, but don't worry, things soon heat the shower!

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Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company. 

Then one stand-up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot. 

Please note The Chase was previously published in the Brit Boys: On Boys boxed set. 

Carrick stepped into the shower. Instantly the water plastered his body hair to his skin and his flesh shone golden.
He smiled at Steve; there was desire in his eyes. “Are you getting warm?”
Steve nodded.
Carrick set his attention on Robert. “Can I suck on your sub?”
“Go ahead,” Robert said.
Steve groaned, his belly tightening as Carrick sank to his knees before him.
Robert was still slowly massaging his cock.
The hot water was making his feet and hands tingle; it was as if all the blood was rushing to the surface of his skin. His cheeks burnt and his previously numb toes stung.
He stared down at Carrick.
Carrick stuck out his tongue and poked it into Steve’s slit.
“Oh, God,” Steve groaned. The amount of times he’d watched Carrick on stage, his mouth close to his microphone, and imagined that mic was his cock and Carrick was just about to lick it, and here he was, probing and stretching his slit.
“Yeah, he likes that,” Robert said, reaching with his free hand and squeezing Steve’s left nipple, hard.
Steve moaned, a new surge of lust racing to his cock.
“Let me take him,” Carrick said, placing his hand over Robert’s.
“Don’t make him come, though,” Robert said hoarsely, removing his hand from Steve’s dick. He pressed his cock harder into the small of Steve’s back.
“I won’t, but I will take him to the brink.”
“Oh, please…” Steve said. “Let me…” The need to come was building so fast. Here he was in the shower with Robert and Carrick, being handled and licked, squeezed and pleasured. He needed to come.
“Shh…” Carrick said, then opened his mouth and took Steve deep to the back of his throat.
“Is that good?” Robert asked, biting his neck.
“Fuck, yeah,” Steve managed, canting his hips forward.
“You getting warmer?”
“Yeah…” he gasped.
“Let’s see.” Robert slid his hand from Steve’s side to his buttocks. He swiped down his crack to his arsehole.
“I don’t know if…” Steve said. Fuck, he was only just controlling himself. Carrick was as good at giving blowjobs as he was at trapping an audience under his spell. He was suckling and swirling his tongue around his shaft and taking him oh, so wonderfully deep. Steve could feel the ridges of his palate on his glans and the blistering heat of his throat.
“Sure you can,” Robert said, exerting steady pressure over Steve’s pucker. The water eased his way and he slid in to the first knuckle.
Steve sagged at little—it had been so long.
Robert drew him closer with his free hand, holding his ribs secure as his chest heaved with the effort of breathing around the falling water.
Carrick rammed his hands onto Steve’s hips and held him tight, just where he wanted.
“Oh, that’s it, just there,” Steve moaned, tipping his head into the groove between Robert’s shoulder and neck. “Just there.”
“I know. I remember,” Robert said, stroking over his prostate.
Carrick pulled back and caught his cock in his hand. “Pre-cum, we’ve got him on the edge,” he said.
Steve gripped Robert’s forearms, digging his nails in, and shut his eyes.
“You got lube?” Robert asked.
“Yeah, hang on.” Carrick disappeared but was back in a moment with a tube of KY. “Here.”
Robert slipped his finger from Steve’s arse. “Thanks, put some on here, will you.”
Carrick obliged.
“Now you suck him, but gently, and I’ll fuck him. Best way I can think of to ward off hypothermia.”
Steve didn’t feel hypothermic anymore. He was rapidly reaching boiling point. His cock was straining for more of Carrick’s attention and his back passage empty now that Robert had withdrawn.
“Relax,” Robert said. “Take more.”
“Yes,” Steve said, widening his stance. “Give me it, both of you.”
“Are you bossing your Master about?” Carrick said, grinning sexily.
“No, yes, oh, fuck…”
Carrick chuckled then leant forward and kissed him, his soft, pliant lips playing with Steve’s mouth.
Steve struggled to concentrate on the kiss he’d dreamed of many times, because Robert had tunnelled two fingers into his hole, stretching tender muscles and widening his sphincter with small V-shaped movements.
“He feel good in there?” Carrick asked, brushing Steve’s hair back from his brow.
“Yeah, yeah, but I want cock,” Steve said on a groan.
“I forgot what a demanding little sub you are,” Robert said against his temple.
“Here, how about you play with my dick for a minute while your Dom gets you ready for fucking,” Carrick said, offering his cock.
“Yeah, do it,” Robert said gruffly and adding yet another finger to Steve’s hole.
“Oh, oh…” Steve managed.
Carrick grabbed Steve’s hand and wrapped it around his cock. “Wank me off,” he said. “It’s what I’ve been thinking of when I see you from up on that stage. I think: What would that pretty little bar boy do if he had my cock in his hand?”
“This,” Steve said, panting. “I’d do this.” He squeezed Carrick’s cock in his fist and slid, slowly, base to tip.
“Mmm…yeah…” Carrick said, reaching beneath Steve’s dick and cupping his balls. “And would you do this?” He rolled Steve’s balls in his palm.
“Yes, yes…” Steve said, using his free hand to grasp Carrick’s sac.
Carrick hissed in a breath.
Steve stared at his face, at the water collecting in his heavy eyebrows and the drips pouring off his nose. Damn, the bloke was definitely fantasy material.
“You’re ready,” Robert said, slipping his fingers out.
“Yes.” Steve had never been more ready.
“Suck him again, Carrick,” Robert said, “while I fuck him.”

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