Monday, 25 January 2016

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday. I'm loving this week's threesome prompt which works perfectly with my new novella Heat of the Day - here's a snippet taken when the boys are having some fun on their own!

He had so much to say, but nothing came out of his mouth.
For a moment they froze, just staring at each other.
Flynn’s eyes flashed, his lips were damp.
He slid down the bed, pushing at Sera’s top so he could kiss his chest. Sera quickly pulled the T-shirt off, threw it to the floor.
“These...” Flynn said, grabbling with Sera’s belt buckle. “Gone. Now...”
“Yes.” Sera assisted in the removal of his shorts and boxer briefs, but he didn’t waste time kicking them away. He was content with them on his knees—it was only his cock he needed free.
Flynn wrapped his palm around Sera’s shaft and held it in a firm grip.
“Oh God, meu amor faz o que você quiser me.” Flynn could do whatever he wanted to him. He was his, would be forever, and Piper’s too, both of them. But this was man stuff, this was rough play and damn it was hot.
“We missed you so fucking much,” Flynn said, dragging his hand up to the tip of Sera’s shaft then down to the root.
“God, yes, show me...”
Flynn dropped to his knees on the floor and angled his head over Sera’s cock. There was no moment of savoring, no hesitation, he just opened his mouth wide and took Sera to the back of his throat.
“Ah, fuck...” Sera arched his spine and threaded his hands into Flynn’s hair. The hot, wet suction of his throat, the feel of his ridged palate, the curl of his tongue... It was incredible, it was everything he’d been longing for. Damn, he hoped he wasn’t expected to have any stamina.
Flynn took him deep, so deep, and cupped Sera’s balls at the same time.
Sera raised his knees, his shorts bunching at his feet then landing on the floor. He clamped around Flynn’s torso. “Oh yes, please, more, oh fuck...”
Flynn bobbed up and down at a fast pace, his lips a tight seal, his hand joining in and increasing the friction.
“I’m going to...” Sera thrashed his head from left to right. He normally had more control, but damn, it had been a while and he wanted it so badly. He was hot, his skin tingled. He curled forward, his abdominal muscles tensing, and peeled open his eyes. The sight of Flynn sucking him off with furious speed had cum boiling up from his balls.
He tugged on Flynn’s hair. “I’m going to... If you don’t want me to... Come in your mouth... Argh...”
Flynn slid his saliva-damp finger into Sera’s ass.
Sera flopped back on the bed and canted his hips. Damn, ass play too. I don’t stand a chance. As Flynn buried another finger deep in Sera and swiped over his prostate, Sera came. A long hot rope of cum fizzed up his cock and burst from his slit, hitting the back of Flynn’s throat.
Flynn swallowed it down, keeping up his vigorous ministrations and gulping rapidly. Each time he did, it tugged the end of Flynn’s cock, heightening the exquisite sensations.
“Oh, oh...yes, yes...” Sera shouted, releasing Flynn’s hair and clutching the sheet. He screwed it up in his fist until his fingers ached. “Take me, oh God, I love you...”
Flynn sucked up and let Sera’s cock pop from his mouth. He caught it in his palm and continued to stroke it with firm, quick movements. He looked up at Sera.
“That was...” Sera had no words. It had been so fast, so intense.
Flynn released him and stood. He quickly undid his own shorts and shoved them down. His thick erection sprang forward, the domed head shiny and the shaft deep mauve.
“Sit,” Flynn commanded.

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